Chapter twenty-eight

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The familiar building stood before the five of us, the windows glowing with golden light, welcoming us in with the promise of delicious food. We hurried inside.

Cool air was flushed all around the room and immediately I was hit with the smell of freshly cooked pancakes, waffles, and whatever else they cooked in there and the chatter of joyful people filled the small building.

I looked at the table where we had sat the last time we were there, memories of us laughing as we childishly threw food at each other surfaced. "I'm not coming here with any of you if you get us kicked out again." I joked, sliding into a booth.

"Mm, no. I'm pretty sure you threw something at me first?" Maeko smiled, sliding in next to me. "So technically you were the one who got us kicked out,"

Wrong. "No, you did first."

"No you did,"

"It was you, Maeko." Azael sat opposite me and slouched down into the red seats of the booth.

"Okay, but it wasn't my fault."

"What? How wasn't you throwing food at me your fault?"

He shrugged, "You have a very good food throwable face."


"Maeko, that doesn't even make sense," I slapped him around the back of his head. "Idiot."

He opened his mouth offensively, but didn't get a chance to say anything back before our waiter came.

We had, had this waiter the last time we were here. I squinted at the name hung on his torso. Aiguo.

"Welcome to Pancake Palace. What can I get for you all?" His smile was heartwarming, heartwarming enough to know that he hadn't remember us.

None of us even picked up the yellow, card menus before Lyssa answered for all us. Somehow having our orders memorised from only hearing them once, "Two Nutella and strawberry pancakes, two chocolate waffles and a Hershey's pancake please," She smiled back at the old man.

We gave him our drinks order afterward and Aiguo scribbled it down on his small notepad.

"It will be with you shortly," He smiled and walked away from our table, storing his notepad in his pocket.

I slouched in my seat, "I still think you guys are fucking weird for ordering waffles at Pancake Palace,"

"Nuria you think everyone's weird," Lyssa sighed with a grin.

I crossed my arms, "Rightfully so."

She rolled her eyes playfully.

"What? Am I supposed to be offended from someone who orders waffles at a pancake shop?"

She laughed, shaking her head.


A small waitress with long, golden hair came up to our table. A tray in her hands and our drinks on top of it.

"Three cokes and two lemonades," She smiled at us, placing the drinks down slowly on the table. She carefully passed Azael his and I watched as her fingers grazed his as he took it.

I couldn't help the slight clench of my jaw especially when her gaze snagged on Azael a second too long. When blood flooded her cheeks in a blush.

I glanced at Azael, only to see him already looking at me. The slight curve of his lips visible.

I glared at him which only seemed to make him more amused as he thanked her and she walked away. He didn't thank anyone.

"I'm going to the bathroom, I'll be right back,"

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