Chapter four

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"You know what we should do?" Maeko questioned, sitting by the oak tree in our usual spot as he held his hand up to the sun and turned it like he was some sort of fucking wizard.

It had been 3 days since Azael came to my house and the three amigos had started hanging out with us more since then. He also hadn't mentioned the whole 'you can take your hoodie off now' thing.

No one replied to Maeko as he continued doing weird shit with his hand, and we all watched him confused, except from Azael, of course. His head was tipped back on the tree and his brown-black hair hung loosely on his forehead.

He signed in annoyance at our lack of response,"We should go out."

"Where?" I asked, for me and the rest of the group.

"I dunno, shopping?"

It was awkwardly silent for a moment,"You want to go fucking shopping?" Azael spoke up, as Maeko finally dropped his hand to glare at Az.

"Yes. It would be fun. See, look, Nuria and Alyssa want to go." He complained.

I just stared at Maeko with an expression that just simply said 'no', I was sure Alyssa was the mirror image of me.

"Why can't we do something else?" Alyssa replied, trying to be nice about it. I didn't think I had ever gone shopping for the fun of it. I only went when needed, for the necessities, or simply to go to 'Pancake Palace' that was only a 15 minute walk from the main building. The place that sold the most mouth watering and delicious pancakes, I mentally moaned just thinking about it.

"Like what, where else could we go. C'mon, give me one of your genius ideas guys." Maeko said stubbornly, a satisfied grin pulled at the corners of his lips as we remained quite for a moment, thinking we hadn't got an answer to his question. It was completely wiped off when we spoke again.

"Pancake palace," I stated.

"The beach," Devon added on.

"The park literally just down the street," Alyssa said.

"The lake," Azael chimed in.



"Okay I get it! I get it!" Maeko shouted,"but please? It would be fun!" He whined.

I turned to Alyssa as we exchanged glances and I groaned." Fine."


Devon said he would pick us all up at 13:00 and drive us there, which he didn't need to do, considering most of us had cars.

I blindly reached out my arm to grab my phone from the bedside table, slapping the wooden surface until I felt the cold metal in my palm.


I had plenty of time.

I stood up from my bed, grabbing the headboard for support as my legs threatened to give way and colours danced between my eyes before I stumbled towards my bathroom.

I stepped into the shower and sighed as the hot water melted my freezing bones, I had left last night to star-gaze on the field I took Elliot too and had forgotten to close my window, which led to me unconsciously freezing my ass off in the middle of the night. I really hated myself sometimes.

The heat quickly built up, making me feel sick and making my skin begin its stinging, so I turned the shower to cold, waking me up entirely and making me feel less dead.

I hopped out of the shower, gently patting my arms with my white towel and rubbing down the rest of my body as I checked the time. 12:50. I brushed my teeth and then spun back round to head into my room.

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