Chapter six

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"That's it folks, homework in by Thursday." The teacher at the front of my biology class called out to everyone as the school bell echoed through the halls of the building, declaring the end of the school day.

Great, now to spend some good, old quality time with Azael.

The other students swarmed by the door to exit and everyone started filing out.

"Excuse me," I hear a light, male voice say from behind me, I turned around to see a guy with dark ginger hair and piercing emerald green eyes. He smiled a dazzling smile at me when my eyes met his.

"Yes?" I questioned as I stood up from my chair.

"Can you pass me the homework sheet?"

"Oh yeah, sure." I replied, as I turned back around and reached for the paper. I grabbed it and spun back around to him.

"What's your name?" He asked as he took the sheet from my hands, still staring at me.


"Nuria...I'm Valerian." He said with a grin. I really didn't need to know, nor did I care.

I nodded awkwardly and turned towards the door."Bye Valerian." I called, cutting the conversation very short.

I heard a murmur of a sound behind me that sounded like a 'wait', but I was already out the doors and the sound of the hallway drowned out his voice.

I dodged past the hurrying people in the hallway—all eager to leave the shit hole— as I made my way to the doors to finally leave and exit the premises.

I walked out, tilting my head up to the sky as I inhaled and exhaled deeply and the freedom of school washed over my flesh, although I'd be back there the next day. I still enjoyed the invisible chains being loosened, even if only for 20 hours or so.

I felt a drop of rain land on my cheek, followed by another, then another. I groaned and dragged myself to the parking lot to look for Azaels black BMW in a sea of other black cars, water began quickly dripping off of the edge of my jaw and chin.

The speed and quantity of the rain increased and soon enough I was drenched from head to toe. I zipped up my brown jacket to cover my white top that was slowly turning transparent due to the water and cursed Azael under my breath for picking a car colour so predictable and unoriginal.

"For fucks sake!" I yelled as I did a full 360 and frustratedly lifted my hands in the air and dropped them back to my thighs. I was going to kill him.

Soon after, I heard a car beep from behind me and I turned to face the black BMW that I had been looking for as water droplets fell from my face and body as it turned.

Az rolled down his window, a smirk sitting on his perfectly sculptured face as he looked me up and down, from my wet brunette hair that clung to my face, to my jeans that had turned 10 shades darker because of the fucking weather.

"You look a bit wet,"

"Hahaha," I replied sarcastically in a high pitched voice."fuck off."

I walked around his car to get into the front passenger seat.

"Don-" Azael began, but it was too late as I dropped down onto his seat, smearing water everywhere and slammed his door shut.

I grinned up at him,"Your car looks I bit wet." I grinned, repeating his words from minutes ago.

Az clenched his jaw and gripped his steering wheel tighter, his knuckles going white at the force of his grip.

My grin increased at the displeasure I had caused him as he began driving out of the parking lot.

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