Chapter twenty-four

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I came back to reality when a girl fell into me. Because I hadn't kissed Azael, I wasn't making out with him, breathless, on the kitchen counter, he wasn't even dancing behind me, instead, I just had a way too realistic delusional thought that made me have a pre-hangover headache.

I rubbed at my eyes. He had yelled at me so I... day dreamed about him fucking kissing me? Had I been drugged?

I shook off my disgust at myself.

During my day-dream the music had turned up even louder to the point some of the tables and chairs were practically vibrating. I groaned.

I was sweaty, tired, and hot and in need of fresh air, so I stumbled through the crowd of intoxicated people, and stepped over the person on the floor.

I tried my best not to bump into people who were way to energetic considering we were this far into the night. I felt and arm tug on my shoulder. If I was being honest, I wasn't actually in the mood to injure someone, but if this person was trying to-

Oh, it was Isabella.

I smiled at her, whilst trying to maintain my balance, "Hey,"

"Hey," She smiled back, a big, toothy grin that proved she was just as wasted as I was.

A thought came to mind, "Wait, how did you get here?"

"Azael came here with me?" She replied back confused.

That little bastard. Little fucking bastard told me his car broke down and that he wasn't taking me.

"Hmm," I would argue with him about that later.

"Hmm," she replied back with me, nodding her head.

"Okay, well, I'm going to go find Alyssa," I slurred.

"Okay then, I'm going to go back to Amaria," She pointed to a dark-skinned girl behind her. She was wearing the same, simple dress as Isabella but in white.

"Who's Amaria?"

"My girlfriend, she's going to drive me home too, so tell Azael he can go without me,"

"Will do," I began walking away.

I hurried to a large glass door where I saw bright, white flecks in a black background. I figured she might be out there, but if not, I would get the fresh air I was seeking.

I walked into the door, using my body wait to push it open until the bite of the cold air hit me.

I breathed it in and sighed, groaning as I felt the slight sweat on my body cool off and my beating heart that had risen with the thundering beat of the music slow down.

I ran a hand through my messed up hair as I spun around, searching for the group, it wasn't as busy out here, just random clusters of people smoking dotted around, but it was still hard to see because of the lack of light. I tugged my hand out of my hair when it got stuck in knots.

There. Right by a tree, they stood.

I stepped forward, then stopped, instead-"Lyssaaaa," I sung, trying to get her attention to come over because I really couldn't be arsed to walk over there.

She looked over at me and for some reason stuck her fingers up in a peace sign, I did it right back, then the idiot started skipping over to me, I also did that, too.

She flung her arms around me when we met in the middle and the forced caused us to go tumbling down.

My back hit the grass and her body landed on mine. "Why did you do that?" I groaned, swatting at her arm.

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