Chapter eight

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TW sexual assault

"Honey, can you put these drinks on the table outside?" My mother said, as she passed me a tray full of cocktails.

"Okay," I replied , taking the tray from her hands and entering the garden.

As soon as I shut the door the blasting music from inside my house became a faint hum on the wind. I walked up my garden steps to the black table that my dad had pulled out her a few hours ago.

Sticky drinks had been spilled on it as well as empty glasses and ice. I placed the tray on the table, the cups clinking together as I turned back around to head inside.

My head turned and I made eye contact with a middle aged man I hadn't seen before. Normally I was familiar with my parents' friends but I didn't recognise him.

He looked middle-aged, thirties, maybe. Long, silvery hair, with dull green eyes. They weren't vibrant like my other 15 year old friends—I was the only person with brown/hazel eyes in my group—but they looked like the green of nature, but with no insects, no birds, no life. Nothing.

A shill scratched at my spin as little lumps emerged from my skin. I averted my eyes to the ground and scurried back into my house as my stomach got tighter and tighter, like a knot being twisted.

"Nuria, are you alright?" My mother asked, I looked up to her, her hair was slightly messed and the lipstick on the corner of her mouth was smeared.

"Yeah, mum, I'm fine," I said.

She stared at me for awhile before analysing that I was supposedly okay and a big smile formed on her red lips.

"Okay, good. Your fathers gone out so I've lost my dance partner." She reached down towards my wrist and grabbed me,"come on."

I groaned and stumbled after her as she dragged me, outside.

I looked around, looking for the man but I didn't see him anywhere. I felt as if I could breathe again, even though I was.

I'd glanced at the man once and I already thought that was enough.

"Come on Nuria! Dance with me!" My mom called as we intertwined our fingers and twirled and shimmied and laughed and smiled.

A few minutes passed and my dark hair was scattered around my face, a slight sweat building upon on my brow.

"Okay, I need more alcohol. Want some?" My mother breathed, panting. I shook my head.

I was in England after all, drinking was normal for a 15 year old but I didn't like it. I didn't like the taste.

"Okay, well, I'll be back in a minute."

I nodded and awkwardly stood there, moving my body slightly to the drowned out music as I waited for my mom's return.

I waited. For 10 minutes. Nothing. Sighing I turned around, only to be met with lifeless green eyes. A smirk made its way upon his face as his rough fingers latched onto my waist and he pulled me closer towards him.

"What are you doing!" I shout, as I slammed my fingers on top of his and attempted to push them away. They didn't move.

"What are you doing!" I repeated again."Get off!" I yelled. He only held on tighter. To the point where I knew dark purple skin would lay there tomorrow.

He leaned in closer, the stubble of his beard scratching my jaw as he whispered,"I've been watching you all night."

My eyes widen, if that was even possible due to how wide they already were.

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