Chapter seven

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I woke up early that morning, feeling refreshed and...better.

I stepped out of my bed and slid on an oversized, long-sleeved top over my underwear and flipped my head down in order to tie my hair back in a messy bun.

My mother and Elliot were most likely asleep so I walked past the stairs and headed straight into the kitchen.

I put on music, making sure it was quiet enough that it wouldn't wake my sleeping company as I pulled a frying pan from a cupboard, cringing at the scraping, high pitched sound it made as it was removed.

I took out ingredients from various places in my kitchen as I began making breakfast for Elliot, my mother and I.

The steam from the cooking food bellow me produced a mild sweat on my brow. I ignored the sizzling of the oil as I listened for any indication that someone was coming, and/or was down the stairs.

Nothing. I pulled my sleeves up slightly past my elbows and strolled towards the windows, the sounds of the birds symphony's fluttering though and the light breeze cooling my boiling body.

By no way was I a chef, in fact, I was shit at cooking. I had once tried to cook a small pizza in the oven and the entire kitchen had become grey with thick smoke. But due to the fact that I had cooked bacon and eggs multiple times, it often turned out okay, and edible.

I checked the time above the oven.


I had 60 minutes before Azael picked me up for school which meant 40 minutes to finish off, and eat, the breakfast I had cooked.

I used to take pride in my appearance, putting the maximum amount of makeup a person could wear, but since moving to America I didn't care. As long as I had removed the mascara smudges from the previous day and my hair was brushed, I didn't give two shits about my clothing. Which then led to me getting changed within minutes.

I let the eggs cook in the butter as I pulled my phone from my pocket. Shit. I'd forgotten to message Lyssa.

Opening my phone, I was shocked to see the messages blank.

Today 08:06

Hey Lyssa, sorry I didn't
message you yesterday.
how did it go?

I placed my phone onto the kitchen counter, my messages app open so I could monitor her response as I picked up the wooden spoon and separated the eggs, turning them over.

Today 08:07

Hey!!! It's fine, I
figured it out don't

I took out 3 plates and rolled down my sleeves as I placed the plates in front of three chairs.

Today 08:08

How did it go?

It was so good, he
brought me flowers and
then we went back to his
car and just talked for

Aww Lyss that's so cute
im so happy for you!

Also, you don't need to
pick me up today, he's
driving me to school.

Kk, talk to you later.

I switched off my phone and equally distributed the eggs onto the plates as the oven loudly rang throughout the house. That would've definitely woken them up.

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