Chapter 1

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Xiao sighed as he once again hung up his phone. "Childe again?" "Yup he's worried I won't be safe but my dads here I'll be fine" "Your parents are pretty weird" "They're just worried about me that's all" "You're 19 almost 20"  "Shut up" "So about your little boyfriend how's he been?" "Im not sure I haven't talked to him in a while" "He got into this university right?" "Yes" "Did you guys get a room together?" "Stop asking me so many questions and pay attention to where you're walking" Hu Tao stuck her tongue out at Xiao making a funny noise. "Aren't you too old for that now?" "Oh hush Xiao" "I didn't even say anything idiot" "Then who did?" Xiao flicked Hu Tao's head as he turned to hug Venti. "Venti!" Hu Tao joined the hug. "Whoa your hair got so long" "My dad wanted me to cut it before I left but I never did" "Hey Xiao can we hug him?" "Lumine Aether you guys are here too?!" "Yup,is Ganyu planning on attending this school too?" Xiao shook his head "She said she wanted to attend a community collage and help our dad with Qiqi" "Isn't Zhongli a teacher here?" Xiao nodded his head. "Come on Xiao let us hug Venti" Xiao shook his head. "Don't worry Xiao is just being clingy for now" "Come on we should hurry up before people start to recognize you two"
After they did whatever people do on the first day of college they decided to meet up at a cafe near their university.
"Xiao are you ok?" Xiao nodded drinking his tea. They were all talking about their roommates when a girl walked up to them. "H-Hi can I take a picture with Xiao?" "Oh uh of course" Lumine and Hu Tao smirked at Venti while Xiao took the photo and sat back down. "Look at you interacting with your fans so nice of you" "Can we hurry back to the university before a stampede of girls come towards us"
"What's up with you kill joy you've been like this all day?" "He doesn't feel good probably because he hasn't taken his pills yet" "This again?" "Xiao you're practically an adult living on your own and you still don't take them?" "Well one they ran out and two i was always too busy doing other things at home" "Wait now that you mention home isn't Qiqi turning ten soon?" Xiao nodded his head "She'll be ten later this year" "You guys have to see how adorable she is oh yea Xiao also has a d-" Xiao shot a glare at Hu Tao sending a chill down her spine "A dog he has a dog" "A dog?" "Venti how has Dvalin been?" "Loud very loud but he enjoys standing on my head" "Hey Xiao didn't you say you wanted to leave now?" Xiao nodded his head so they all left.
"Dad hurry Xiao's calling!" Childe entered the room with Qiqi and another small chid following them.

"Xiao did you see Venti and the others yet?!"

"Why are we considered the others?!"
"Because I'm the celebrity here"
"Don't get too cocky Venti"

"Xiao Qiqi made a new friend , her name was uh Klee"

"That's nice Qiqi, how's Sayu?"
"Who's that?"
"Xiao's dog"

              "Xiao you still haven't told them?"

"I will soon"

"Well she's doing alright she's uh playing with her toys right now"
"Ah sorry Xiao we gotta go now"
"Bye bye Xiao"

"Bye Qiqi"

Childe sighed as Ganyu hung up the phone. "Maybe we should tell Venti ourselves" "No it's up to Xiao to decide he wants to tell Venti not us" "You're only saying that because you're scared of Xiao" "I am not scared of my own son" "Right"
"So Xiao when can I see what Sayu looks like?" "I'll show you a picture of her later tonight" "Xiao are you sure he'll take it easily?" "It's just a dog all dogs are cute"
Later that night 😍
Luckily Xiao's house wasn't far from their university so he decided to let them all stay there with him.
"You know Xiao it would've been easier to just get a dorm" "Those dorms are the size of Qiqi's closet" Aether shrugged his shoulders continuing to eat the strawberries Xiao gave him. "Xiao Xiao! Come here we need to talk" Xiao groaned walking to Hu Tao. "Why did you lock Sayu's room?" "I didn't want you guys messing around in there with her things" "Aww" "Shut up"
"Xiao you still have the same old pc?!" Xiao sighed going into his room to see Venti staring at his computer as if he had never seen one before. "I planned on getting a new one soon" "Xiao can you put my hair in a ponytail?" "Why can't you do it yourself?" "I'm too tired" "Come here" Venti smiled as he walked over to Xiao. He was surprised Xiao did such a good job "Where did you learn to do hair? You've had the same haircut since I met you" "Oh uh Ganyu"
After they ate dinner and by ate I mean listened to Lumine and Aether argue over who was the most attractive twin they all went to go to bed. "So Xiao can I see a picture of Sayu now?" Xiao checked the time "It's almost nine so that means uh sure why not" Xiao got his phone and scrolled until he found a picture of Sayu where she wasn't hiding her face. "You said Sayu was your dog, that's a kid" "Actually she's his daughter" "Hu Tao!" "Sorry!" Hu Tao ram back to the room Lumine was in. "You have a daughter?!" "Technically she's our daughter" "Xiao I'm so confused please explain what happened exactly" "Well about a year ago I came home to Sayu being on my front porch with a note saying 'Sorry whoever you are I just can't take care of her anymore' and I decided to keep her. Whoever gave her to me must've remember my address because I kept getting letters from them telling me things about her" "Sounds like a sims 4 story" "I never thought of that" "Well did you ever show her pictures of me?" "Of course I did Venti she's fully aware of who you are"
"Okay last question I think, why does it matter that it's almost nine?" "Well-"
Before Xiao could answer Venti's question he heard the doorbell ring. "Don't worry Xiao I'll get it!" "Does Hu Tao normally stay here?" "You already asked your final question" "Well you didn't answer it so-" "Xiao look who's here!" Xiao turned around to see Sayu rubbing her eyes. "Awww she's adorable!" "Xiao the key please" "There's no way in hell I'm letting you touch my keys, Sayu stay here okay?" Sayu nodded her head climbing onto the bed. Xiao left the room being followed by Hu Tao. "I'm guessing Venti was happy to find out he was a father" "Surprised but yes" Xiao unlocked Sayu's door and turned in the light. "It's so, normal looking" "Well what did you expect a princess room?" "Yea a little bit" Hu Tao watched as Xiao got clothes out for her. "What are you gonna do?" "Give her a bath"
Xiao walked back into his room to see Venti and Sayu going through his phone. "Sayu come on it's time for a bath"

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