Chapter 15

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Back at it again writing during English
Zhongli snapped back into reality. "What?" "Sir please step out of the room" Childe sighed pulling Zhongli out of the hospital room. "Xiao he's" "Xiao will be alright" "We we're just at his house" "We've been coming to the hospital for the past two days" Zhongli looked over at Venti who was calmly scrolling on his phone. "Xiao's breathing had been in and out for the past two days he'll be okay he's gonna get like thirty stitches tomorrow remember?" Zhongli slowly nodded his head then Venti walked up to him and handed him a water bottle Childe sighed "I'll take him home now,you too Qiqi" "But why does Ganyu get to stay?" "Ganyu and Venti are staying for Xiao" "I wanna stay too!" "Don't worry I'll take her to school tomorrow I'm sure she can fit some of the clothes my parents bought for Sayu that are way too big,oh and uh could you possibly get Saturday for us she gets out soon" Childe and Zhongli sighed in relief "Of course and call us if anything happens we'll make sure to bring her here to see her dad" Venti nodded his head as Zhongli and Childe left to get Sayu.
"Qiqi do you wanna come with me to get food for us?" "Ganyu is sleeping though" "Well then it'll be just me and you until your brother wakes up okay?" Qiqi nodded her head and took Venti's hand as they walked off to find food.
Ganyu woke up a little after Venti and Qiqi walked off but didn't get the chance to text them because a nurse appeared. "Excuse me, are you here for Xiao Lapis?" *idk they don't have last names 😭* Ganyu slowly nodded her head "Why is everything ok with him?" "Yes, he's waken up again you can go see him" Ganyu's face lit up "Oh ok thank you!"
Ganyu entered Xiao's hospital room.
"Xiao! How're you feeling?" "Where's the others?" "Venti and Qiqi went to get food and Papa and dad went to get Sayu" "Ganyu do you think the stitches will hurt?" "I don't know I haven't gotten them since the time Qiqi threw a block at my forehead" "I don't feel like getting my phone, can you text venti for me?" "Sure!"
Future brother in law 😎

Are you and qiqi okay?

Yea we're alright just getting food do you want anything

Oh uh just come back okay quick something happened to Xiao!!!

Is he okay?
Stop leaving me on read!
What happened to him!
Ganyu I'm getting more worried just tell me what happened!

"Why're you ignoring your phone is it Venti texting you?" "He'll be here soon" Xiao sighed and patiently waited for Venti and Qiqi to come back. "Xiao?" "Xiao you're up!" "Ah Qiqi don't jump on him!" "Don't worry I'm alright" "Glad we made it on time" Xiao watched Sayu walk over to him. Xiao looked as Zhongli and Childe slowly pushed Ganyu and Qiqi out of the room. "So Xiao do you know what they're gonna do yet?" Xiao nodded his head "Stitches I hate them" "Well at least you don't get to go to school" Xiao rolled his eyes and looked at Sayu. "You can sit up you know" Xiao shrugged his shoulders "Why should I?" "Alright captain sass I'm just suggesting something"
"God you're annoying" "You're the one who decided to date me you knew I was annoying Xiao" "Yea and sometimes I regret it"
"Ven I didn't mea-" "No No it's alright Xiao I understand what you meant I'll see you later" "Later as in?" " I don't know yet I'll think k about it later" Xiao sighed as he watched Venti leave.
"Xiao is everything alright? We just saw Venti walk out crying" "It's nothing he's just worried" "They were fighting" "We can always count on Sayu to tell us" "What were you two arguing about this time?" "It wasn't even an argument I just called him annoying and he ran off" Zhongli sighed "Xiao-" "I know I know Venti's more sensitive then Hu Tao is at times and just because I call her names and insult her all the time doesn't mean I can do the same with him" "You made him memorized that? He's 19" "He's also still my son" Childe sighed "At least he's sorry, and it's Venti he'll be back soon the two of them could barley or a day while being 'broken up' " "I was seventeen then" "Its a two year difference Xiao" Xiao shrugged his shoulders. "We'll let you rest a bit the come visit you tomorrow bye Xiao" Xiao watched them leave he was happy he got peace and quiet but he was also worried about Venti. Who knows what sorts of trouble he could be getting himself into. Xiao sighed grabbing his phone looking for Venti's contact


Venti are you okay did you go
to your parents house?

Yes I did I'm perfectly fine
You just rest

Venti I'm sorry I didn't
mean to say that to you
I was just stressed and tired

I'm aware that's why I gave you
your space you need to rest me being
there isn't gonna allow you to do so
we both know that

I know I'm just glad you're alright

I'll see you when you go back to school
I gotta go help my mom now bye Xiao❤️

Goodbye Venti god 😭
Wow so you just leave me on read now?

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