Chapter 19

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Yes Kazuha and Aether are engaged as well now on to the actual story.
After a long trip back home Xiao instantly fell onto the couch. "I don't think I've ever seen Xiao this tired" "Just wait until he remembers what happened" "He doesn't remember anything?" "Not likely no, he drank a lot before he proposed" "He was drunk when he proposed to you?" "Most likely yes" Kazuha sighed "At least he isn't like Aether" "You just proposed to me you could at least be a bit nicer to me" "I'll take Xiao up to our room you two well just continue to be you two"  "We'll probably end up going home ourselves" "Well lock the door for me" "I will good night" "Night"
Venti walked back to his room with Xiao following close behind him. They knew Kazuha and Aether had left because the sound of Aether whining from being tired stopped after a door shut. "Xiao do you want some water?" Xiao groaned while his face was in a pillow, "I'll get some just in case" Venti sighed as he left the room he never really thought Xiao would be one to drink a lot but here they were. "Damnit it's too high up where's the light switch" After Venti felt around the walls he finally found the light he turned them on and looked around. "Venti you're too short aren't you?!" Venti groaned while searching for Xiao's medication "I'm alright Xiao you just rest okay!" "You're a terrible liar" "Xiao I can't find your medication" "I'm fine Venti go to bed" "Xiao Sayu is eight now" "I'm aware" "She's been asking us for a sibling for the longest of time" "You want to adopt another kid?" "Something else is happening what is it?" Venti looked at Xiao worried "Nothing let's go to bed" Venti tried walk off but Xiao grabbed his arm. "Venti please just tell me" "You're tired and drunk" "Doesn't mean I don't care" "I just wanted to give Sayu a sibling you know since we can't have kids, this is stupid let's just go to bed" "We'll talk in the morning" Venti nodded his head walking away.
"Are you coming?" "Mhm I'm gonna turn the lights off" "Ok don't take long" "I won't just go to bed" Xiao watched Venti walk up to their room then got a glass of water and sighed he was about to pass out but luckily someone rang the doorbell.
"Who's there?" "Who else would be coming to your door at 12 am?" Xiao sighed and opened the door "Daddy!" "Oh wow Sayu!" Xiao got startled by his own daughter jumping onto him. "She was crying so we brought her home" "We would've got her sooner if dad remembered where you lived" "This house is farther than the other, and where's Venti?" "He's probably asleep kinda how I should be right now" "Right we shouldn't keep you up for too long you just got home we'll see you tomorrow" After saying goodbye and putting Sayu to sleep Xiao finally got to join Venti and went to sleep.

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