Chapter 18

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Xiao and Kazuha got bored during the meet and greet pretty fast since most of the questions were for Venti and Aether. Luckily for them there was only a few minutes left.
"I have a question for Xiao!" Xiao looked up from his phone and turned it off "Oh uh ask away" "Do you plan on getting married?" Yae got up and slid something to Xiao "That's a good question, well if need to be engaged first" "How would you propose?" "Yea!" "Venti would you care to help me?" "Sure why not" Xiao took Venti's hand as they stood up and walked to a more open area. "You did brush your hair" "Shocker I know" "Alright Xiao go ahead" Xiao chuckled to himself and got down on one knee. He never thought he'd actually get this far in life "Right uh" Xiao got the box out of his pocket "I can't believe I'm actually doing this wow ok, Venti I've loved you ever since you pulled me into that dumb janitors room in high school and even after our stupid little fights you were the only thing on my mind. So would you do the honors of marrying me?" "Wait Xiao you're being serious right now?" Xiao smiled and nodded his head "So Venti what's your answer?" "Yes Xiao I'll marry you" Xiao slid the ring onto Venti's finger and kissed him.
is that enough happy relationship for you?!😭

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