Chapter 23 Final

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Yea uh last chapter 🥳
"This was a good idea right?" "What?" "Getting married at the same time" "Oh sure it was" "Am I supposed to be this nervous? I really feel like I'm not" "Why're you nervous? You're usually laid back and chill" "Well yes but I always thought Aether would've killed me before we got to marry each other and now I'm nervous" "Don't be it's nothing really at least there's cake in the end" "You really sound like Venti right now" "damnit" "Wait aren't *we* supposed to be out there right now?" "Three minutes yea but we might as well start walking now" "Oh archons I think I might die"
Blah blah blah kiss the groom or whatever ok cake time!
"Venti I'll kill you" "What? It's a very positive message" Venti mischievously smiled at Xiao who was glaring. "Look Ven cake" "Huh?" Xiao laughed a bit after smashing his piece of cake in Venti's face. "That's cold Xiao" "Oh really? I think it suits you" "I mean look at Aether" "This was my revenge on him" "Ooo I wanna throw cake at Aether" "Nope" Xiao had grabbed a napkin and tried cleaning Venti's face which was difficult with his constant moving "Not a chance song boy" "Song boy?!" "Ok ok now your four get closer together I wanna get a picture of you all together"
After Zhongli took their picture their bullying towards Aether continued.
Well Xiao decided eating cake with his daughter was better which it was because that was the longest she has stayed up. Xiao was being awfully careful about how much Venti moved since she was in between the two of them. "Ven aren't you gonna pay any attention to your daughter" "Of course I am" Sayu shook her head "Attack uncle Aether!" "Sayu you're supposed to be on my side" "Ninjas aren't on anyones sides" "Except" "Except her dads" "Wow Xiao" "Hey she said it not me"
After a long day of them all overall having a good time it was finally the time they got to go home they would've opened gifts but they were pretty tired. And Kazuha me Aether were actually sleeping at their own house.
"You wanna give Sayu a bath?" "She's old enough Xiao she's going to middle school soon!" "Venti it's not middle school she's going into the middle of the school year" "Oh uh, I'll get her clothes, oh and call my phone there something on there I want you so see" "What is it?" "Call it to see!" Xiao sighed and pulled out his phone. "This better not be something weird" Xiao called Venti's phone and saw it light up

Incoming call from
My emo husband 🥳

"Right I'm his husband now, weird"

Now for Kazuha and Aether
"You want me to turn the shower on for you?" "Uh sure, wait you're being oddly nice what's wrong kazuha?" "Nothing you're my husband now I should start being nicer to you" "Hmm" "Aw don't hmm me hurry and get your pajamas I don't want the water to just be running you know" Aether smiled and nodded his head whilst Kazuha left and went over to the bathroom and turned on the water . "A duck towel? He seriously uses a duck towel? One strange guy but I love him and married him so" "Why're you talking to yourself?" "Oh hey I was just talking about you" "I know I followed you in here" Kazuha turned red then shook his head. "Well go get i the shower I'll make something for dinner" Aether hugged Kazuha. "No" "Please Kazuha just this once" "Who's gonna cook the food?" "I'll help" "Fine but just because I'm feeling nice today" "We're married showering together should be normal" "I guess you're right, never thought I'd be saying those words" "Ouch"

Finished this series might make more because I quite literally main Xiao and Venti but for now I'm making a new story

Finished this series might make more because I quite literally main Xiao and Venti but for now I'm making a new story

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That's all I have for it now but surprisingly that's all I need 😭

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