Ok get to know me pt2

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Kinda glad I didn't get question if I'm gonna be honest I hate answering them 😭
Alright so for starters I'm slowly more and more starting to see myself as Xiao and not well Ghost not sure why really but you can call me either I wait lemme go see if that's a bad thing google doesn't help at all but if anyone knows I'd really appreciate it
Anyway my hair is now red and blackish brown that isn't important uh
Heaven 2 hell is currently the song that's been stuck in my head for a while that isn't important either I just forgot what I was supposed to say I finally built Beidou and Xangling Cookierun Kingdom has caused me to cry and want to throw my phone many times my mom still blames me for everything I cut my finger in engineering class I have a crush on two of my friends I'll probably forget about it eventually though
I got a new phone already said that
My TikTok comments are the only thing people see now
And I'm pulling for Hu Tao and Thoma I wanted Childe but hydro isn't my best area of building characters which is why my team is mainly anemo
I'm still failing math 😍
This is kinda like some journal or whatever they're called
And I forgot what else I was gonna put so that's all

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