Chapter 17

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Lol sorry I got a new phone and forgot to download wattpad also cookierun kingdom has been pissing me off so this will be real short lol
It took a good two years but they eventually got everything together. And thanks to Venti and Xiao's previous fame they became a big hit pretty fast. Of course they couldn't continue with regular college so online classes is what they settled with it was currently summer Venti's birthday to be exact. But unfortunately they had just finished a concert and had a meet and greet to make it to and luckily for Venti Xiao and the others had a little surprise for him.
"So Yae do you have the ring?" "Oh my you were being serious well yes, I got the ring for you I'll slip it to you during the meet and great and you can pop out the question" "Right thank you" "Xiao come on there's a candy bar!" "I'll see you later Yae,hold on Venti!" "You know where to find me" Yae smiled as Xiao ran off to Venti.
Venti grabbed Xiao's hand and swing it back and fourth while they walked"What were talking to Yae about?" "Nothing special just the meet and greet stuff" "So what did you get me for my birthday?" "One my love and appreciation and two something I can't say" "Is it a million dollars?"  "Like I have that type of money" "You could" "Yea alright"
Xiao pulled Venti towards the candy bar and watched him go crazy. "You do realize we have to go soon right?" "Let me have my fun Xiao you're so mean" "You're turning 21 and you decide to go crazy over candy? Venti is smart" "See Aether agrees!" "Aether has absolutely zero brain cells though" "Kazuha!" "Tell me I'm wrong" "I'm gonna go eat candy so I don't cry" "Aether is living proof that people do not change isn't he?" "Yea pretty much"

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