Chapter 16

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This is short because I don't feel like making it long
Venti put his phone down and drank some of the tea his mom made. "So,how's Xiao doing? I usually don't see him without you" "He's fine we're just taking a break from each other until he's back" "Yea a "break" we all know you two had a fight you'll be with each other again sooner than you think" Venti sighed going on his phone"You say that like I can't live without him" "You're looking at photos of Xiao aren't you?" "I wanna go see him" "You just left him" "I'm an idiot his birthday is in a few days" Rosaria sighed and handed Venti a glass. "What's this for?" Rosaria got a bottle of wine and bored some into the glass "I can't drink right now I have to get Sayu soon" "Since when did you refuse to drink" Venti shrugged his shoulders and picked up the glass. "Venti tell me,when's the last time you made a new song or had a concert?" "I don't know before the start of school maybe" "There you go you can make a new song maybe even have Kazuha and Aether join" please someone anyone tell me who started he 4nemo shit that's been in my head all damn day 😭 anyway back to whatever I'm doing
"Me Kazuha and Aether make a song together? Yea I'll pass" "That doesn't sound half bad we could even get Xiao to pitch in" "I can have Dain call your new manager" "I have a new manager?" "Yes her name is Yae Miko" "If they agree I guess I'll do it" "Perfect now you'll have something to do" "You can call your little boy and 4nemo or something" "The hell is 4nemo?" "Aether,Kazuha! Perfect timing" "Did Venti finally stand up to his dad or something?" "No my mom wants us to start some band thing" "It'll be a nice activity for you boys" "I'm ok with it it Aether is" "I think it'll be fun" "The only person who'll probably disagree is Xiao" "Speaking of Xiao we were about to go and visit him and wanted to see us Rosaria wanted to come" "Why not me?" "Well we assumed you were already there" "Hm I'll text him"
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Can me Kazuha Aether my mom
and rosaria go see you?

So much for giving me some time
to rest but sure I don't mind

Ok! We have a surprise for you too so
be prepared ❤️❤️
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After a good thirty minute car ride of Aether and Venti singing frozen songs they all finally made it to the hospital.
"Hello I'm assuming you're here to see Xiao correct?" Venti smiled and nodded his head. "Here you go just write down all of your information I'm sure you remember his room"
After Venti convinced his mom to write down everyone's information they all made it to Xiao's room.
"Ok I'll go in first and tell him then you guys come in" "Alright" Venti entered Xiao's room to see him eating cubed fruit. "So what did you want to tell me?" "My mom and Rosaria were thinking for a while and they wanted to know if you wanted to be in a like singing group with Me Aether and Kazuha they said we could call it 4nemo!" "That sounds alright as long as I don't do much singing" "Ok guys come in he said yes!" "Ahhh this is gonna be so fun!"
"Right...must I remind you of what just happened in the car?"
"Ok maybe it like take a few classes for Aether but he has the spirit" "Hey we aren't too sure if Xiao can sing either!" "He can we sing in the shower every now and then" "You mean *he* sings in the shower every now and then,right?" "No I meant we" "So Venti can see you naked but I can't see you wearing a hello kitty bow? This is betrayal"Xiao looked at Aether and rolled his eyes "Get over it" "No I don't think I will"

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