Chapter 11

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"Ventiiii" "Hu Tao?" "What're you and Xiao doing after school?" "Not sure why?" "Hmm well he's been sad lately so it's up to you to make him feel better" "Why me? You're his best friend" "Maybe because you're his husband?" "I'm not married" "Boyfriend,husband same thing when it comes to the two of you" "Right...I'll see what I can do"
Time skip? Yes time skip
The school day went by fine aside from the fact Venti made Xiao allow Lumine and the other drive the car back to their house.
"Xiao what are we doing today?" "Aside from picking up Sayu from my parents house nothing why?" "I wanted to take you somewhere" "You take me somewhere? This isn't a way for you to make me owe you anything is it?" "No of course not I would never" "Yes you would,and you still haven't told me why you're making us walk home"
"I wanted to uh see the nature and I needed to talk to you about something"
"Oh really? What is it then?" "I uh we're..." Venti looked around and saw a electronic store "We're starting up your streaming career again!" "Venti I'm pretty busy" "I know and since your audition is tomorrow morning we can do it after that!" "I'll think about it"
"How did it go?!" "It was alright" "Did something happen" "Xiao getting jealous as usual" "What happened?" "I took a photo with a fan" "That's it?" "My hand was on her shoulder" "Whatever can we go rest now?" "Sure drama queen" Xiao rolled his eyes and pulled Venti away leaving Hu Tao giggling
"Xiao you aren't really mad are you?" Xiao shrugged his shoulders turning off the lights. "Wait! Don't you wanna do the streaming?" "Now?" "Mhm I sorta posted something regarding it" Xiao sighed and turned in the lights and day at his desk "I don't even know how to work this" "You're nineteen it's been like two years" Xiao rolled his eyes as Venti smiled. "Go on start it" "Stop acting like a mom" Xiao and Venti stared at each other for a few seconds "If you make a joke about me having to dads I swear I'm throwing everything I can at you" "Look at that it started hahahaha"
So like I started school and got six so I'll make a second part to this 😍

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