Halloween 🥳

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That picture sucks ass 😭

"Xiao would you sit still" "Why did I let you do this" "Because I'm your best friend" "No it was definitely because Venti" "Yanfei you're supposed to be on my side!" Yanfei shrugged her shoulders and ate another piece of candy. "This costume party better be worth it or I'm killing both of you"
I'll just put the costumes now
Hu Tao-Zombie ☺️
Xiao-Ghost Venti forced him to wear the same costume
Zhongli-Claimed he was too old to dress up
Childe-A tele-tubby specifically dipsy I don't actually know how to spell it
Ok back to the story
"Aren't we too old to be dressing up?" "Oh archons Zhongli look what you did to our son he sounds just like you" "Dad- i what are you wearing" "The most beautiful outfit here of course" "Right a two plus two is eighty" "You're just jealous" "Sometimes I question if Childe is even an adult at times" Childe dramatically gasped and fell into Zhongli's arms " You mustn't be telling the truth" "Childe-" "No no I'm fine you aren't jealous too that's all" "Ajax" Childes eyes widened and he quickly stood up. "Ooo daddy used your first name you're dead" "Whatever Xiao and Venti I trust you can take your own kid and Qiqi with you guys?" Xiao and Venti looked at each other "Uh Hu Tao and Yanfei you guys just go to the party Aether and Lumine are already there we'll just meet you guys there" "Ok!" "And I'll make sure she doesn't drink or eat too much candy" "Xiao what did you do to my Yanfei" "Nothing she learned from experience like I did"
After they all sorted out where they'd be going they split up
Xiao watched Venti walk up to the house with Qiqi and Sayu. "Little brother and sisters?" "Hm?" "Those three you're watching them a lot" "Oh no that's my daughter and little sister" "Two girls and a boy wow" Venti came back with Qiqi Sayu "They're pretty tired now Xiao" "Xiao? You call your dad by his first name?" "Dad?! He isn't my dad we're both 23" "And The sloth is our daughter and the cat is my little sister" "Does she know her real parents?" "Look at the time we should probably take them home nice meeting you uh whoever you are"
"So he thought you were Venti's dad?" Xiao nodded his head laying Sayu down in his old bed. "You can keep her for the night right" "You and Venti rarely have her between your work and her going to school im surprised she still knows you two are her parents" "She sees us during dinner and when she goes to bed" "You are aware you missed her play correct?" "Nice try I have that specific date circled on every calendar I own it's next Monday"
"Xiao this isn't too much for you?" "Too much?" "Raising a kid,being a celebrity,having to deal work Hu Tao and Venti, not to mention you have to start planning where when and how you're going to do your wedding" "It's far more easy than having to fit streaming in it im old enough to handle everything I need to in an adult you don't need to worry about me, I gotta go now Venti will most definitely start doing stupid things in the car alone" Zhongli ruffled Xiao's hair as he left. "Don't worry he'll be alright he's far more responsible than his friends"
"I know that I just don't trust the idea of him driving drunk"
"Xiao,Venti!" "Oh Aether I haven't seen you at all today" "What? Really Xiao you're silly" "Aether! Don't just leave like that without your phone idiot" "There's Kazuha" "I don't know how you do it Xiao,also where's Venti?" "He's right here- he's drinking wine of course he is" "Xiao there's dandelion wine!" "If I were you I'd stop him now unless you'd like to deal with a drunk Venti" "Oh right I'll see you later Kazuha"
Xiao made sure he flicked Aethers arm before going to Venti. "I'm surprised you actually got served wine" "Oh Xiao this is my good friend Mr.Diluc Ragfbfikf" "What?" "He means Diluc Ragnvindr,I met him a few years ago" "Isn't that what I said?" "Ah Diluc there you are!" "Leave" "Come now Diluc that's not how you treat your dear younger brother" "Oh right Xiao this is Kaeya and Diluc they're step brothers"  "I know that he just said it" "Kaeya!" "Venti? You still haven't gotten any taller?"
"I'm guessing you don't drink?" "Usually I don't no I doesn't taste good to me" "You and Diluc would be good friends Xiao, you both don't drink and uh always look upset and you both know me!" "Yea just drink you're wine it'll be easier for me to take you back home" "So you're that Xiao?" "If you mean Venti's boyfriend then yes"
After a long night of Diluc and Xiao making jokes about Venti they went home the end because this is a day late 😭

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