Chapter 22?

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Burned off part of my fingerprint but that's all right also Xiao and Venti's wedding may or may not be the ending of this story
"We have to what?" "It'll only be for the day, actually it'll be for three hours max" "You expect Xiao to not try to kill me for that long?!" "Yes I do" "Miko are you 100% sure this will help us come together or something?" "I've never been more sure, you four barely know each other despite being friends for so long" "Not true!" "Venti what's Kazuha's favorite animal?" "I don't know" "Ok then what's Xiao's?" "He said he likes any small quiet animal" "Ok and when did you meet Xiao?" "We were fifteen sixteen maybe" "And when did you meet Kazuha" "When we were ohhhh i get it now" "Exactly and it's not that bad all you guys have to do is hangout with someone that isn't your partner, Venti Aether you guys are cousins wouldn't you like to spend a day with each other?" "Well I guess so yea" "So that means I'll be with Xiao?" "Correct" "Can't be that bad Xiao's a nice guy and doesn't want everything he lays his eyes on" "That was directed towards me"  "See I told you all of this wouldn't be so bad oh and you can't contact one another until the three hours is up and you're all back here"
Miko was incorrect despite having a relaxing time without Venti Xiao was missing him like crazy, Kazuha even stared off in space thinking about Aether a few times or brought him up randomly. They couldn't even take pictures with fans without having a sad look to their faces.
Aether and Venti on the other hand were having the time of their lives they ate their favorite foods and even went to an arcade for a while they managed to end up at a park but once they got there they realized they'd have to go back to the house in thirty minutes.
Xiao and Kazuha obviously went back early and lied and said they were too tired to continue so while Xiao slept in his bed Kazuha decided to take the couch as that was the closest thing to him. He was having a pretty peaceful sleep but then he got woken up by the sound of bags falling to the floor. "Ah sorry Xiao I didn't mean to wake you" Xiao turned smiled and tiredly walked over to Venti "Xiao?" Xiao kissed Venti then hugged him "I missed you" "Xiao it was only three hours" "Three hours too long,I couldn't call you either" "I know you can go three hours without me you do it often" "When?" "actually know that i think about it we are always together, yet we rarely see Sayu" Xiao let go of Venti and sat in the desk chair they didn't even use."True I miss seeing her fall asleep while you're trying to play games with her" "Why don't we just bring her with us then Miko loves watching her she's always complaining about how boring school is and how she doesn't have many friends so she can just be homeschooled" "Well what about her friends. She'll definitely miss them" "YaoYao and Ruu? I'm sure we can talk to their parents and arrange a play date for them" "I guess you're right"
"That's something I hear often" "Shut up"
"Miko I didn't expect you to open the door" "Well Xiao and Venti are well being Xiao and Venti while Aether and Kazuha are playing games" "Well I'm sure you can bring Sayu to her dads" Miko nodded her head as Sayu walked over to her and closed the door. "Pretty auntie?" "I missed you too Sayu, come one now you wanna see your dads right?" Sayu nodded her head and followed Miko up to her parents room.
"Xiao!" Miko and Sayu could hear Xiao laughing from inside of the room. "Are they playing games? I wanna play" Sayu and Miko opened the door. "Hm? Oh hi Sayu" "I don't mean to be in your business but why exactly is Venti on your lap?" "Oh well Xiao thought-" "Ahem! Do not blame me" "Ok so basically we both decided that it would be fun if Xiao did a live stream after years of never even streaming so a Truth or Dare stream seemed to be the easiest thing to do and this was a dare"
"Right we'll your dads brought Sayu back so here you do?" Miko shrugged her shoulders and left the room.
"Ooo Xiao I like this one" "Hm? Read it" "It's says 'When do you two plan on doing your wedding?'" "Never" "And by never being means sometime next year maybe" "I wanna play"

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