Chapter 5

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Yes I only now realized I skipped the number three in my chapters let's not talk about it also
TW for homophobia
After going back and forth with Hu Tao wether pushing Aether out of a plane was murder or not she went to check up on Xiao and Venti.
"Hurry up you two!" Lumine groaned banging on the bathroom door. "Hello!" "Lumine? What are you doing?" "Wha- you two already left?! I've been waiting for nothing!"
Xiao rubbed the back of his neck "Was I supposed to tell you?" "Whatever just make sure Hu Tao doesn't terrorize my niece" "Your niece?" "Yes,Sayu" "She is not your niece" "You keep telling yourself that my good sir"
"Hey Xiao can you uh can you come here for a second?" "Why?" "I need your help" "With what?" "That doesn't matter just help me" "I don't trust you, I left you in there for a while who knows what you could've done" "Xiao I'm practically your husband just come here"
"Xiao,Venti! Did you guys know we have school tomorrow? Crazy!" "But today is whatever" Venti groaned pulling Xiao into the room. "Geez what do you want?" "Nothing I just got bored" Xiao sighed "Hm, what's wrong you never sigh like that?" "Don't you think this is all a bit weird? I mean we're only dating because you sat with us at lunch" "Because I noticed you from you streams and had a crush on you" "Well then what if I didn't stream and you sat with some other kids?" "I sat next to you in class I would've met you sooner or later, I'm worried about you you're making me think an awful lot" "I know it's just the way we met it seems like some story" "Hey enough breaking the fourth wall idiot" "Hm?" "Nothing let's go check up on Sayu" Xiao looked at Venti as he smiled pulling him downstairs. "Hey you two! So guess what Sayu actually hates coloring with the color pink" "I think she just hates coloring with you" "Hey! Not every kid hates me!" "Right... anyway Xiao let's take Sayu to meet my parents!" "Why I thought you hate them?" "Well I do but still let's just go" "I'm assuming you found out something about Rosaria" "What! Nooooo, okay enough wasting time hurry!" Xiao rolled his eyes picking up Sayu "Tell Lumine and Aether we'll be back" Hu Tao nodded her head as she shut the door.
After a somewhat long car ride they finally made it to the place where Venti has never really been in this story because I forget things too easily.
After entering the house Venti could feel the dark atmosphere instantly. "Rosaria!" "Hm? Oh Venti you're home" "Are you okay? Does your stomach still hurt? I can get you water!" "Geez all you tell me is suck it up buttercup when I'm sick" "Oh right Rosaria you know Xiao, and this is our daughter Sayu" "Your little brother has a kid before you wow!" "Amber? How do you know Rosaria?" "I don't Eula and I just got lost" "Eula?" "What do you want with me?" Venti jumped rubbing the back of his neck "Oh nothing I just uh was curious" "Don't worry about Eula she's really nice once you get to know her!" "So is he just gonna stand there awkwardly or will he speak?" "Xiao's shy" "No I just don't like Amber she's too energetic" "Aw Xiao i know you're joking, besides compared to Hu Tao I'd say I'm more better to be around" Sayu managed to stay asleep with everything going on which surprised Venti. "Whoever her real parents are definitely enjoy sleeping, oh yea I totally forgot why we came. Rosaria where's mom and dad?" "They're digging a grave for your pet hamster" "Fluffy? He's been dead for six years" Rosaria shrugged her shoulders. "Come on Xiao after you meet them you can go back home" "Finally" "You've been here for five minutes!" "Shush"
Venti rolled his eyes pulling Xiao to the backyard "Mom, dad? Are you guys back here?" "Over here! I'm guessing you finally left that boy" Venti's dad turned around and groaned. "Oh just give it a rest already let him be happy for once" "Why do you hate him so much you've never even met him, which is why we're here Xiao this is my mom and dad, mom and dad this is Xiao my boyfriend and our daughter Sayu" "You two have a kid?!" "Well if I would've known he would make me a grandmother I would've been nicer she's ago" "Speak for yourself, if you're gonna be a f@ggot don't consider me your father" Xiao could notice how visibly sad Venti got. "Venti don't worry about your father he's been like that ever since you left for college, I know I was the worse mother when you were younger so I'd like to make it up to you, I can watch Sayu for you guys and try and talk your father out of this homophobic phase he's going through anything you want I promise I'll try to help you with okay?" Venti nodded his head crying. Xiao sighed giving Sayu to Venti's mother. "Venti it's ok stop crying" Venti shook his head hugging Xiao. "I'll leave you two alone"
"If that's Sayu where's Xiao and Venti?" "They're having a moment out back" "A moment? Are they arguing or something?" "No Burt I fear whatever it is they're talking about could spark one" "No way they're Venti and Xiao they've probably only argued over who was cuter or something"
"Xiao come on why can't we just leave now?!" "Why do you want to leave so bad you literally forced me to drive all the way here!" "Speaking of which why don't one of you go check up on them" "Rosaria you're his sister" Rosaria rolled her eyes walking towards the backyard.
"Venti your dad isn't even worried about us anymore let's just stay here for a little while longer" "Xiao it isn't even that far of a drive just take me home!" "That's easy for you to say you aren't the one driving!"
"Whoa whoa whoa you too never fight, something is definitely wrong"
After a good thirty minutes of the two of them going back and fourth they finally came to an agreement. "I suppose this is what happens when a couple doesn't argue" Xiao glared at Rosaria. "Oh Xiao you're so angry for what" "Get off of my back" "Aww why?" "I have to carry Sayu"
"Sayu can stay here!" "She's going somewhere with Ganyu tomorrow" "Aww"

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