Chapter 14

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Xiao did in fact wake Venti up early of course that caused them both to be tired and almost left Sayu at home when they were supposed to be taking her to school.
"Alright quiet down there's a few new people I know this is unnecessary but I've decided to introduce them since they probably won't do it themselves, This is Albedo and Noelle they're cousins or something I don't know" "What?!" "Is there something wrong?" "Yes there's a fucking problem Albedo's a manic and the same goes for Noelle!" "Xiao that is not how you speak about people you of all people should now that! Now you two please take a seat" Xiao groaned sitting back down he wasn't sure what he was thinking but before Albedo could even sit down Xiao punched him.
"Xiao! Principals office now!" "No no I'm alright I see he wishes to continue where we last left off" And before you knew it the two of them were fighting. Unfortunately Zhongli was out sick so they had to pull Venti out of his class to try and break up the fight.
"Xiao what are you doing?!" Not expecting to hear Venti's voice both males stopped and looked at him. Venti sighed walking up to him. "Xiao look at you you're all bloody come on" "You worry about him?! He fucking punched me in my eye!" "You deserve it and you know you do Albedo"
Once they got far away from the classroom Venti pulled Xiao into the nearest bathroom. "Venti wouldn't it be easier for us if we just got a dorm together?" "No we would have to leave even earlier for Sayu, our parents can't take her to school until the next two weeks" "Yea but-" "And we would have a curfew" Venti got a paper towel and wet it. "Do you just carry a first aid kit with you at all times or something?" "Yes why? I'm clumsy" Venti gently wiped Xiao's scars and put that cotton bandage shit idk what it's called 😭.
After five minutes of Xiao whining they finally finished and left. "Come on Xiao we should go home I don't want to spend a whole day with Albedo" "We'll get in trouble" "I don't want you getting into anymore fights with him then"
"Alright mom" Venti flicked Xiao's arm as the parted ways.
Unfortunately Xiao couldn't keep his word and ended up running into Albedo an extra three times.
Xiao still insisted he'd drive them home even though he was in lots of pain. "Xiao your dads are gonna kill you" "How would they find out?" "I don't know out I'm sure they will"
Venti was correct Zhongli and Childe did find out but they weren't particularly mad at Xiao.
"Xiao! Are you okay?!" Ganyu ran up to her brother and hugged him. "I'd feel better if you weren't squeezing me" Ganyu quickly let go of Xiao and backed up "Sorry Sorry,our dads won't tell me what all happened all I know is that Albedo guy showed up at your school right?" "Yes then he and Xiao continuously got into fights""Ganyu where are they?" "Our dads? They went to get Qiqi"
After a few minutes of Ganyu bugging them Xiao cracked and told Ganyu everything that happened.
After waiting in complete silence Xiao and Venti had fallen asleep together on the couch with Ganyu nearby.
Zhongli and Childe walked in with Qiqi following behind drinking coconut milk and holding a bag. "Aw look they're asleep"
Qiqi looked at her injured brother and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Papa how old are you?" Childe and Zhongli looked at each other confused. "I'm forty,and your dad is 38" "So you aren't gonna die and leave Qiqi soon?"
Uh a little Key in case you're confused as to who is who
Papa or pops is Zhongli and Dad or daddy is Childe also I'm writing this is English so.
"No at least we don't plan on dying anytime soon" "Ok good because Qiqi wants to be taller than you too and Xiao and Ganyu" "I'm sure it'll happen eventually Qiqi" "Xiao isn't breathing papa" "What?"

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