Chapter 6

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I should mention there's been a two month time skip just for this Shitty chapter
"So Xiao about that upcoming test" "No I'm not helping you cheat learn how to study" "Yea he's helping me cheat Hu Tao" "I'm not helping you either you don't get special treatment just because you're Venti" "We'll see about that mr"
"Hey where are you going?!" "Somewhere don't follow me!" Xiao knew Venti was pouting so he started walking faster. "Dad? Are you in here?" "Xiao you're finally here please have a seat" Xiao looked at Zhongli confused them sat across from him. "I've decided you should catch up with everything that's happened whilst you weren't home" "Did something happen to Ganyu? "No Xiao both of your sisters are fine, I'm talking about mine and your fathers marriage" "Your marriage? Did you lose your rings again?" "Uh no, we got a divorce" "What?! And you didn't even think to call and tell me?!"
"Xiao please allow me to finish-" "How did Qiqi take it what about Ganyu?! Why would you two even think about getting a divorce!" "Xiao calm down for a second okay? Your sisters were okay with it as for your father he and I are still good friends we just found different people to love" "Hold on that ring on your finger, it's not the one dad gave you when you got engaged or married. Who gave that to you?" "If you would let me speak and stop lecturing me as if you were my parent I'd be able to tell you"
"Sorry I guess" Zhongli looked at Xiao with a stern face sending chills down his spine. "To be completely honest with you your father and I have been divorced for a while now since your high school graduation to be exact, now before you yell allow me to finish." Xiao mumbled something looking away "I won't go into full detail or take much more of your time so I'll make it quick and short. I got re-engaged to someone named Diluc diluc Ragnvindr and if you would if really appreciate it if you came to the wedding with Venti and Sayu" "I'll think about it" "Good because you'll be meeting him sooner than you think"
Xiao left his dads office confused. "Xiao you're back!" Xiao got startled by Venti jumping onto him and almost hit him. "What's wrong? You look upset" "It's nothing we'll talk later"
Venti watched the angry boy walk off "Geez he never acts like that" "He's a little upset about the news" "Oh you finally told him?" "Told him what? Someone tell me I'm lost" "Oh right sorry Venti after Mr.Zhongli told me about it I was so shocked I forgot to tell you, he's getting married again" "So Xiao is upset because he's getting a new dad?" "Not just that he's getting another younger sister" "Wow that's a lot of girls" "He'll get over it soon summer break is almost here! "Hu Tao Xiao hates summer" "He's too grumpy" "Venti let's go" "Geez Xiao when did you even get here?!" "I said let's go not ask questions" "Oh uh see you later Hu Tao!" Venti barley got to wave before getting pulled off by Xiao. "Xiao you're hurting me I can walk on my own"
Xiao let go of Venti not saying a word. Venti just followed behind Xiao quickly not wanting to be left behind. "The car?" "Get in we're going somewhere" "Oh ok can we talk on the way there then?" "No just get in"
After a long car ride of silence they made it to Zhongli's house or the house Venti was at most of the time. "Why're we here?" "Just come on no one should be here right now" Venti nodded his head following Xiao up the stairs to the old room. "Well look on the bright side they haven't moved anything in your room" "Venti please shut up for a second"
Venti looked at Xiao before looking down "Sorry I'll be downstairs" Venti shut Xiao's door and went downstairs.

He said please you know
and before you say who is this it's me your old friend

My old friend? I'm sorry who?

Why it's me Noelle
I've missed you Venti

Well I don't miss you so leave me alone
And how the hell did you know what Xiao said to me?

Don't worry about that.
How about we go somewhere together?

I'm not going anywhere with you anytime soon

Well that hurts my feelings
he obviously doesn't care about you anymore
just like all the guys he's dated before

Shut up with your petty lies
Xiao does care about me he's just upset at the moment

Well when he starts hitting you out of anger
just know I'm here to talk ;)

Fuck off Xiao isn't abusive like Albedo was

And you know that because?
hm stopped answering me i see
I'll see you soon love ❤️

"Who's that?" Venti threw his phone across the couch "Xiao you came down are we leaving?" "No, who was that?" "I'm hungry aren't you?" "Stop dodging my questions who was that?" "No one important" Xiao walked over to Venti's phone "Noelle? Isn't that the girl you said you were gonna block?" "Well I did but I'm guessing she got my number again and a new one herself"
Xiao sat next to Venti and sighed. "I'm sorry for being rude I'm just-" "You're upset about your parents divorce it's okay Xiao I understand, but look on the bright side there's more people you get it meet on your new dads side" "I hate meeting new people" "Hm well there's new people you get to introduce me to"
"By the way did you tell you the guys name?" "Diluc Ragnvindr" "What?!" "What's wrong?"
"Oh nothing just the face YOUR NEW FATHER IS ALBEDO'S FUCKING UNCLE" "He is?" "No it's his second personality WHY ELSE WOULD I BE REACTING LIKE THIS?!"
"Ganyu I think we came back at the wrong time"
"Aww Ganyu I haven't seen you in ages!" Venti ran up to Ganyu and hugged her. "I saw you two days ago"
"Shush child don't ruin the moment"

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