Chapter 9

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This chapter is definitely gonna be longer than usual so the next chapter will be shorter😍
"Papa I'm thirst" Xiao looked down at Sayu "Oh uh Venti is there anything she can drink here?" Venti pointed towards the door since he couldn't speak. Xiao sighed "Sayu stay here I'm gonna go get you water okay?" Sayu nodded her head and watched Xiao leave.
Luckily for Xiao there was a store nearby. "Xiao? Holy crap it is you!" Xiao felt someone grab his arm. "Oh sorry I didn't mean to scare you" Xiao felt the person let go of him. "You don't remember me?"
Xiao turned around and almost instantly regretted it. "No I don't remember you sorry" "Where's my sister?" "I don't know who your sister is sorry" Xiao tried walking away only to be dragged back. "Stop playing stupid I know you remember you where's my sister?" Xiao sighed "I don't fucking know where you sister is Scaramouche I haven't seen my own sisters in a day"
Xiao grabbed a water bottle and a bag of crackers and walked away from Scaramouche.
Xiao made it to the cash register only to be bothered by Scaramouche once again. "No worries I'll it pay for you" "Thank you but I can pay for my own things" "Aw come on Xiao I'm trying to be nice" Xiao handed the lady his money and grabbed his items. "We should go to couples therapy" "I'm not dating you and I don't plan on dating you" "Stage one is denial you know" "I'm gonna fucking drown you"
Xiao made it back to the studio only to notice Scaramouche was still following him. "Xiao I didn't know you were on a bring Scaramouche" "I didn't either" Xiao rolled his eyes handing Sayu the water. "Venti are you almost finished with this Xiao and I have a date to start" "A date?" "Yes I planned on taking him to the river so I can drown him" Venti looked at Xiao confused as he picked up Sayu. "Your father is crazy" Sayu nodded her head smiling.
After managing to get away from Scaramouche they went home. Once they actually entered the house Sayu ran right to Lumine
"Xiao Venti you two are home later than I expected" "You forced the two of them to clean?" "She also forced me to cook" "Kazuha you're still here? I thought you would've left already" "She kinda forced me to stay as well she said something along the lines of 'I might actually murder my brother if you leave him here with me' and of course I couldn't have that" "Where is he anyway?" "Oh I locked him in the backyard" "Ooo that reminds me Xiao has a date!" "Where are you two going?" "Oh me? I'm not going" "But you said he has a date" Xiao sighed "Don't listen to him he's well Venti" "Kazuha I won't try to blend strawberries with flowers again please let me back in!"
"Was that Aether?" "Don't worry about it" "Kazuha I know you can hear me it's getting cold!" "What if he gets attacked by something?" "He'll be ok" "Why thank you Xiao some people don't appreciate my presence as much as you do" "I just don't want you yelling from my backyard any longer" "Now that Aether is here Xiao tell them about the date you're gonna go on!" "You two are going on a date?" "Xiao is I'm not" "Did they break up or something?" "No of course not! Xiao is going on a date with Scaramouche to drown him!" "You're celebrating that?" "I get the bed to myself for a while why wouldn't I be happy" "You two don't take much room up on your bed there should be enough space for the both of you" "I kick him off of me each night"
After about thirty minutes of Xiao trying to tell Venti he wasn't actually going to go to the river so late at night he decided he'd go out by himself.
As Kazuha watched Xiao leave and noticed he looked a bit upset then he felt someone pulling his shirt. "Sayu,Is everything ok?" Sayu shook her head "Daddy is sad now" "Why would he be sad he's the one that insisted on Xiao leaving" Sayu pulled Kazuha to her parents room to see Venti staring at something on the computer screen. "Venti is everything ok?" Venti shot up wiping away his tears "Oh uh yea I'm alright" "Sayu came to me saying you were upset did something happen between you and Xiao?" Venti sighed laying his head back down "They were arguing" "Sayu you promised not you wouldn't tell him" "Venti you put your trust in a five year old that's on you, now what happened?" "Nothing everything is alright" "Why're you stalking all of those Xiao fanpages?" "These people should really stop he doesn't stream anymore" "They're his fans they still believe that one day he'll stream again he's still young" "You sound just like Zhongli with all your weird fancy talk" "Is that a bad thing?" "I don't know I'm too tired to think" "Well you've been crying and had a busy day today go to bed I'll make sure Sayu goes to sleep as well" Venti sighed "I'm alright Kazuha I still have some things to do plus I wanna make sure Xiao is alright when he comes home"
"Alright then can you answer my question?" "Sure what is it?" "What exactly did you two say to each other?" "I guess I just annoyed him with the whole date joke and since he was already tired from being out all day it really upset him" "What did he say to you?" "He only said he wished I didn't act so childish and annoying at times" "I'm assuming you threw some insults his way as well" "What makes you say that?" "Well I don't know a lot about him but I noticed he had a bracelet that matched yours when I first met him but when he left he no longer had it on" "Oh right the bracelets it was some dumb gift I gave him I didn't think he'd keep it" "You must've really upset him then" "Can we stop talking about Xiao now? I need to give Sayu a bath" Kazuha nodded his head then left the room.
"Kazuha!" Aether jumping on Kazuha caused him to snap out of his thoughts. "Ah Aether I see you've found me" "Is everything ok with Venti? I heard him and Xiao arguing" "He's trying not to seem sad but it's obvious he is" "Is he gonna be ok by himself?" "He has your number he'll text you or to be more realistic he'll text Lumine if he needs us"
After giving Sayu a bath and saying goodbye to the others it was just the two of them alone. "Don't be sad papa isn't mad at you"Venti sighed a picked up Sayu"I know he isn't Sayu I'm sorry you had to watch us argue like that" "My teacher argues with other teachers" "Your teacher argues in front of your class?" "Mhm but only during nap time" "Them why aren't you sleep during nap time missy?" "I don't know I wasn't tired" "This is the most we've talked to each other without Xiao being here, mainly because you're either sleep or doing something else" "When does papa come back he's gonna miss going to sleep" "He'll get some sleep when he comes home I hope, but for now it's time for you to get some rest okay?" Sayu nodded her head resting it on Venti's shoulder as he turned off the lights and walked to her room.
Unfortunately for Venti he couldn't get himself to fall asleep since he was too worried about Xiao so him being him he decided to stalk him instagram like any other normal person would.
That of course caused him to worry even more considering all these people know where he is more than he does. He was about to fall asleep but he heard the door open and ran to see who it was.
"Xiao you're back!" Venti jumped onto Xiao making sure he wasn't being too loud not wanting to wake up Sayu. "Xiao you smell like alcohol" "I'm aware" "Are you still mad at me?" "No, I just need to go take a shower" "Oh uh okay" Venti let go of Xiao and watched him walk at lest five steps then stop. "Kazuha" "Hm? Kazuha left before you got home" "Kazuha wanted me to make sure you weren't upset when I got back" "You saw Kazuha?" "He found me" "Oh well I uh I'm not upset" "Hm ok go to sleep you'll be tired tomorrow" "Oh right tomorrow we have to do something" Xiao nodded his head as he disappeared into the dark hallway to soon be followed by a sleepy Venti.

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