Chapter 8 ft inazuma characters

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"Xiao. Hey Xiao!" "Venti it's 3 am what the hell do you want?" "Nothing I'm just bored" Xiao groaned rolling back over. "Hmph you're so mean" "If I'm so mean go in the living room" "Maybe I will" Venti sat at the edge of their bed  drifting off to sleep that is until he hears their door open and jumped onto Xiao like a baby. "Xiao there's a demon!" "Oh shut up it's just Sayu you woke her up" Venti let go of Xiao and sighed in relief. "Sorry Sayu" "Someone is at the door" "This late at night?" Xiao sighed getting out of bed. "Xiao don't go you could die!" "Oh hush" Venti followed Xiao to the front door.
"Aether,Lumine! And three random people" "Heh I'll explain that later, uh can we come in" Venti looked at Xiao who seemed to be glaring at Aether. "Sure go ahead and for your safety Xiao was just about to go put Sayu back to sleep" "What? No I wasn't" "Well you are now" Venti dragged Xiao back to their room.
Aether waited for them to sit on the couch to shut the door. "Aether not that I don't trust you or anything but who are these people?" "Oh right I didn't even tell you guys yet uh so Venti is my cousin and Xiao is his boyfriend" "Venti? I think I've heard of him before he's a celebrity right?" Aether nodded his head.
"Sorry for taking so long Xiao is very strong! So Aether who are they and why do they look so scared?" "I don't know anyway this is Ayaka, Yoimiya, and the beautiful Tohma" "His name is The beautiful Tohma?" "Oh no it's just Tohma" "Ohhh Alright"
"So Aether are you gonna tell him or?" "Tell him what?" "About you and you know who" "Me and Voldemort?" "No! You and Kazuha!" "Ohhh I met a guy named Kazuha" "Venti?"
"Oh uh he went back upstairs he looked pretty tired"
"Come on Xiao they seem like nice people!" "How do you know that? If you care for them so much get them an apartment" "Xiao!" "Venti!" "I forgot about the photoshoot later today!" "Go to sleep then!" "Oh right heh I'll go tell Aether and Lumine"
Xiao watched Venti run out of the room with Sayu following him. After a few seconds Xiao walked out of the room as well.
"Xiao you came out!" "He came out like five years ago" "You're so dumb I can't believe we share DNA, Venti meant Xiao came out of the room" "Geez Lumine no need to be so rude"
"You were talking a long time to tell them so I came out"
"Is he normally like this?" "He's just tired that's all he's usually nice" "No I'm not" "He's usually more uh less mean?" "That doesn't even make any sense" "Whatever I'll be there in a bit Lumine wants to know more about it" Xiao noticed how close to Tohma Venti was and stared at him. "Oh fine come on Sayu you shouldn't be up this early anyway" Sayu nodded her head following her dads.
"I thought you said he'd be nice" "Xiao's a nice person if you don't get close to Venti touch Venti or even speak about him" "He's not that overprotective" "Yea well he definitely doesn't like it when people get close to him or touch him anywhere other than his shoulder" "Was I sitting to close to him?" "That's probably the reason" "Oh! But don't worry it's like Venti said he's just acting like that because he's tired, he's much more nice when he isn't tired it is 3 am after all"
After figuring out how they all went to sleep in the living room which you can decide the next morning came faster than expected.
Venti woke up to Xiao and Sayu being gone and headed to the living room. "Morning!" "Good morning Venti you seem happy" "My photoshoot!ah wait you guys let Xiao cook?" "Yes what's wrong with that?" "The same Xiao that burned instant ramen?" "That was one time!" "Xiao! I was joking haha" "Yea whatever hurry up and get ready you don't have a free day" "You act like his manager" "Yea Xiao you're like my Manager Boyfriend and bodyguard all in one!" Xiao shot a glare at Venti before turning off the stove. "I'll go get ready"
"Those other people where'd they go?" "They managed to get ahold of Ayaka's brothers and they all went home I suppose" "Ayaka? Who was she?" "Blue hair, oh right you don't mind if my boyfriend comes over do you?" "I don't care I won't be here, I trust Lumine won't let you do any dumb shit" "Good because he should be here soon" Xiao sighed getting out plates "Why ask me if you already invited him?" "Lumine forced me to" "Did not stop blaming me for all of your stupid actions"
"Xiao I'm done!" Venti jumped on Xiao causing him to also drop the plates. "Venti be careful!" "Oh hush mr meanie" "Xiao what did you give him?"
"I didn't give that thing anything" There was a knock on the door which didn't surprise Xiao. "I'll get it"
Venti opened the door and almost began to jump up an down like a kid. "Kazuha! You're not dead!" Venti hugged Kazuha catching him off guard. "Oh Venti hello it's nice to see you as well" "You two know each other?" "Mhm Kazuha is an old friend of mine I met at some camp but then he moved away" "You seemed to surprise to find out he wasn't dead" "I may have told him that if one day I were to loose contact with him I'd most likely be dead" "Oh right you probably want to see Aether heh" Venti let go of Kazuha allowing him to enter the house then shut the door. "I'm very sorry if I'm interrupting anything important"
"Oh right I forgot to need to get Sayu ready" "You're not putting my child in another dinosaur costume" Venti went to Sayu's room being followed by Xiao.
"Is Xiao another friend of Venti?" "Xiao is his boyfriend and Sayu is their daughter" "I see it would appear I owe Venti twenty dollars" "Why? What did you two do?" "We made a dumb bet he said he'd date someone before me and I didn't agree so I said I'd give him twenty dollars if I lost the bet but if I win he'd give me twenty dollars" "I'm glad you two already know each other it saves me the time to introduce the two of you" "Aw come one Xiao she'd look cute in this outfit!" "That's a fucking wet suit!"
"As you can see that poor kid wouldn't be able to survive with just Venti" "Venti adopted her?" "Xiao adopted her while Venti was in Mondstadt" "Well we're leaving now Kazuha I'll introduce you to Xiao later bye!"
"So as you two know they left me in charge, Xiao and Venti have a very busy week ahead of them, Xiao is trying out for a movie, Sayu is starting first grade, Qiqi has a play they're going to, and Venti has some songs to practice. The last thing they need is a dirty house" "I see what you're talking about, you want us to clean their house" "See you're so smart I don't know how you deal with Aether's stupidity" Kazuha chuckled "He has his smart moments sure they may be rare but they come here and there"
"Wha- Kazuha!"

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