Chapter 11 pt2

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SORRY I'VE BEEN WATCHING SOUL EATER also I'm not so good at writing these kind things
Venti sighed as he closed Sayu's door. "Xiao I put Sayu to bed!" "Then stop yelling she'll wake up" "Oh hey Xiao,you look tired" Xiao nodded his head almost walking into a wall. "You're extremely tired,why aren't you asleep yet?" "I was asleep but woke up" "That fast?" "You mentioned being able to play the flute right?" Venti nodded his head and Xiao handed him one. "Where the hell did you get this?" "Don't worry about it come on" Venti followed Xiao outside their house. "You really like house near ponds" Xiao sat down near the edge of the pong and nodded his head. "You hate frogs though you're so weird" "Are you gonna play the flute or no? I don't wanna be out here long Sayu might wake up" Venti sighed "Alright whatever" Venti sat
next to Xiao and began playing his flute playing. It didn't take long for Xiao to get relaxed and laid his head on Venti's shoulder.
Soon Venti could hear quiet sniffles coming from Xiao and stopped playing. "Xiao what's wrong?" "Do you think my dads love each other?" "I'm sure they do,why are they arguing a lot?" "No I just keep having the same nightmare of them leaving each other and Ganyu said if I have the same dream over and over it'll probably come true" "Xiao don't listen to Ganyu that dream keeps coming back because you're so scared of it just stop thinking about it so much you and I both know your parents love each other they always have an always will just like us" "You can still change your mind about all this I kinda just took you away from your family and forced you into parenthood, god I'm and idiot"
"Xiao stop beating yourself up over nothing I'm fine with it id tell you if I didn't want all of this so soon" "Yea but still I didn't even bother talking to you about it" Venti cupped Xiao's cheeks "Xiao I'm ok with all of this I'm lucky enough to be able to do it all with you,sure it was a bit surprising but I got used to it" Xiao smiled as Venti reached out his hands "What?" "You're still upset so I'm giving you a hug" "I'm fine" "Lies,hug me" Xiao looked at Venti a little confused then hugged him. "You're freezing!" Venti giggled "I love you Xiao" "I love you too Venti"

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