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I stare down at a picture of my mother and father Smiling faces

here lies the great, beloved dearly the Alphas of the Crimson Dagger Pack
I remember there headstone so clear and that day.

It's been ten years and i miss them everyday. A tear slids down my cheak and lands on the ground. As the alphas daughter i am to take my fathers place and become the alpha. Being sixteen and running a pack with over 100 werewolves is practicality  impossible. That's one reason why I've decided to go searching for my mate.

  "I'm coming with you" my friend lilly said as I packed my things in a blue back pack "lilly this is my jurouney alone" I told her.

But of course she wouldn't listen.

I looked into her pierce,deatermaind pitch black eyes. "I'm coming if you like it or not,your life is as much as mine" she proclaimed and handed me a water bottle.

I took the water bottle, this journey would suck without my best friend by my side.

Lilly was human and I and the rest of my pack are werewolfs. Lilly is my best friend, were practically sisters. when I was yonger my parents found her in the woods crying so we  took her in. She's human but it's like shes made of steel.

"Fine you can come, but go find Zack and Amy that your coming and that were leaving in 5 minutes" she nodded and left the room.  

Zack is the beta and Amy is his mate they have been running this pack ever since my parents died. Usually betas would never run a whole pack for 10 years but because we were in a time of peace and tranquility, it was acceptable. Just recently a whole pack was completely whiped out by outcasts, everyone is on edge they need there rightful alpha right now.

One of the first things my dad tought me about being alpha was to never leave your pack, my first day on the job and I've already broken the first lesson.

Lilly came back with zack and amy at her heels. Amy and zack also took care of me, lilly and there son after my parents passed. And they still ran a whole pack by themselves, there basically superheroes

Amy immediately dove in for a hug, she squeezed my tight and whispered in my ear "take care my little Horizon i love you" she smelled like medow of flowers on spring morning. I took a big whiff and hugged her tight.

"Okay okay my turn!"Zack eagerly said as he almost shoved amy out of the way. Zack is a free spirt, he's fun-loving and he always smiles. He's like my uncle.

"Take care squirt" he told me as he patted my back and took a step back next to Amy.

I wanted to remember this moment, it could be a while before i see them again, i don't want to forget a single thing about them.

Zack had short chestnut hair and dancing green eyes. There seemed to be a smile permanently plastered on his face. Zack had perfect cheek bones for a pretty old guy.

Amy had dark brown hair and sweet amber colored eyes. She had a mole above her right eyebrow. Like zack she was always happy and warm.

I could never repay them for how much they helped me and lilly through thoes ten years

As lilly and me headed out the room with Zack and Amy behind a blur of chestnut hair speed past us down the hallway.

He quickly came walking backwards and stopped infront of us.

"You didn't tell me you were leaving TODAY!" Jackson said emphasizing today.

Jackson had short chestnut hair like his dad and amber colored eyes like his mom, hes even got her mole.

"Limes going with you!?" he asked me. Referring to Lilly, she growled at the annoying nickname he'd given her.

"Yes I'm taking her with me"

Lilly playfully punched Jackson in the shoulder. "Go ahead say your goodbyes were on a tight schedule" she explained and walked down the hallway and out the door. Lilly's not one for affection.

"Um well, don't eat poisonous berrys, watch out for outcasts and stay hydrated" Jackson told me as he drew me in for a hug.

  Jackson is 3 years older then me and Zack and Amys son.  he's always felt like my older brother and acted like it.

"I know" I smiled

I hugged amy and zack one more time before walking out the door where Lilly was impatiently waiting for me.

"Time to find your dream guy" lilly said as we made our way towards the pack gates.

"Yeah, im just hopeing I'm his dream girl" I said in a low whisper but lilly heard it.

"Hey don't worry, if he tried anything on you I'll smash his head!" She said and cracked her knuckles. They popped like popcorn. As we walked some pack members wished me well on my journey. The little ones gave us food they prepared. Older members gave us small old werewolf tale trinkets for fortune and good health.

When we finally made it to the steel black gates. I looked back and examined the buildings and people. The past alpahs bult tho buildings from bare hands. They  brought these people together, they fought for the grounds we walk on. Every alpha before my mother faught and died to protect this pack and this territory.  How am i supposed to continue an amazing legacy?

We walked out the gates together and watched them closed shut.

Lilly and I walked 7 miles through the woods peacefully. No outcasts were in sight, strange.

Never mind i spoke to soon. A strange smell was in the air as we passed a small open field. I stopped and a took a bigger whiff of the air.

"What's wrong" lilly turned to face me

"lilly where not alone.." I told her, she went into a combat position

Suddenly a huge ashy blond wolf emerged from the bushes and lunged for me.

I hope this is better then before, I'm really trying and i hope this is okay.

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