drop of blood (not edit)

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Lillys POV

yellow eyes broke through the mist and barred its teeth at me,

An outcast with dark brown fur and black strikes running down its side with a scar on his muzzzle growled at me. My vision was blury from the rain but i could hear ita paws sink into the mud as it walked closer to us.

"Get back!" i growled and jumped up, the pain in in my leg only hurt more when i stood up. And stood infront of hanna .A river of blood ran down my leg and droped into the mud.

The outcast charged and knocked me down into the mud, it barred its teeth in my face it was right on top of me "get off of me!" i yelled and shoved the outcast away. That only made him angery he charged back at me,i dident have time to stand up he bit down on my arm his razer sharp teeth sinking into my flesh.

I yelled out in pain as blood ran down my arm, the outcast let go and jumped back on my chest. His eyes glowed with hatred and a thirst of blood.

Lighting flashed behind the outcast, he took his long sharp nailes and drived then on my sholder ripping my shirt.

I couldent yell in pain no more becuse i didnet feel anything. I saw lighting flash one more time before another wolve came and tackled the out cast.

Thunder boombed and i saw black

"Lilly lots go to the river" rin my older sister asked, her sweet gently eyes stared into mine, i nodded and ran after her. She giggled as we ran through the woods barfooted.

We sat there on rocks and watch as the fishes swam by she slpashed water in my face and i splashed back. She ran through the woods and i chased after her. "Catch me if you can lilly" she said and she ran faster. She ran and i ran she wan so far ahead of me but not out of reach,

As soon as we came into a feild a giant flame stood right infront of us and rin kept running "rin!" i yelled and she looked behind me "dont lose sight of me okay becuse i wont come back" she said and she faded into the fire.

My legs grew smelled and i shrunk to the floor. My cloths were big i couldent walk in them intell i fell on my nees.

"Dont lose sight of me okay" rins face and words flashed in my mind, "because i wont come back" she finally said and the demons grabed me by my throt and watched me suffer with enjoyment. They laughed as they squeezed the life out of me, "dont die okay" rins voice said before a sudden voice said "its got you" he said and i fadded into the darkness away from the demons.

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