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Colts POV

"you said you loved me!" Anne wailed, her blue eyes puffy and red, a constant stream of tears flowing down her dirty face. Next to her Elizabeth whimpered, squeezing Anne's hand so tightly her small hands were shaking.


When she said my name, it felt like liquid gold was running through me, warm and just-just plain right. I took it in, fighting an urge to completely succumb to it.
What is this?

My eyes searched desperately for the source and there she stood, shrouded in a beam of light, her beautiful honey combed hair flowing like melted gold from her head. Her eyes meet mine and I became enchanted. Orbs that I can Imagine glowing like autumn leaves when the suns about to set and hits the fall trees just right, we're brimmed with overflowing tears.

No no she's crying. Why is she crying? What's wrong. Who did this to you?

"Come with me," she cried out and my heart shattered.
Yes. I will follow you everywhere and anywhere.
The need to comfort her was to much. My hand instinctively reached out to her.
"Hanna come on!"
Someone called out to her and panic swelled my chest.
No don't go.

"Daddy don't go" Elizabeth, my angle shouted, she broke my trance. My hand stopped, what am I doing?
"colt please come" She called out to me. And I fought the urge to go to her.

"Don't go!"Elizabeth cried harder and so did Anne. What is this? Why is this happening.

"I..i.. Dont know!" i yelled. And everything disappeared.

"Daddy are you okay?" Elizabeth, my sweet baby girl said, her small lips forming a frown.
"No no im fine buttercup" i told her and smiled, she returned my smile and jumped on the bed. I grunted when her knees landed on my outstretched arm. She giggled at my pain and her laugh was almost enough to stop the sadness creeping into my heart.
Who was that girl? And why did I care so much about her if I've never met her. It almost scared me, how much I was so close to going with her and leaving my family behind.

"where's mommy?" i asked her. "Dean called but mommy didn't wanna to to wake you up so so so she went to see what it was" she stuttered and took almost 5 minutes to tell me. It took so long that I forgot what I had asked.

She looked up at me, her brows twisted in curiosity. "daddy who's hanna?"
     I looked down at her, that's what the voice called her. Could Hannah be her name? But how did Liz know this?

"you sleep talk,"
  i sighed, of course. Liz is only 5 but judging from her stern frown and glaring eyes, she's probably smart enough to be concerned about her dad dreaming about other girls. So I dawned on my best everything is fine smile.
"no one important" Though I was trying to convince her, I hoped I would believe that to.

After i put a shirt on and gave Elizabeth some top notch breakfast we both set out to find mommy. We found out she was pregnant again one month ago. As thrilled as I am, she's been getting bad migraines and she never had those with Elizabeth.

        We found Anne talking through the pack mind-link with most likely one of our scouts. "Hey whats up" i greeted while Elizabeth ran off with the other kids. "Oh nothing," she shrugged her shoulders, "just the female alpha of the Crimson Dagger pack is on our territory " she said it so casually I almost missed it.

Anne's blond curls were being held up loosely in a bun, her sky eyes were swarming with concern and her frowning pink lips made her seem all the more cute.
I bonked her bun, (she hates when I do that) but before I could hear her protest I pulled her in for a hug and placed a soft kiss on her head.
"Don't worry, maybe she's just here to try your world class spong cake," I joked,
"The oven is broken! It isn't my fault it burned," she cried out, but then bursted into laughter.
"Your so mean,"
"But you love me for it,"

Her head nuzzled into my neck, "I look like a mess, not even halfway decent to be presentable to a visiting Alpha," she mumbled.

"It doesn't matter, if this was a formal meet up she would have advised me that she'd be coming,"

         I raced though my mind for any facts or information on the Crimson Dagger Alpha. I know that after their Alphas died, their only daughter would inherit the pack but that's about it. Usually the packs don't really communicate with each other endless at a council meeting. And we haven't had those in a while.

"Someone's here!" Liz shouted as she came barreling towards us. I caught her before she crashed head first into Anne.
"Oh yeah? Who's here?"
She tried to scurry away, but I held her tight in a bear hug. She screeched as I blew into her stomach. She Begged me to stop which in turn only made me wanna tickle her more. Her giggles almost made completely forget about my dream.

We're approaching the gate boss. Andrews voice filled my mind.

Well damn that was fast, Looks like the Crimson Dagger was already pretty close. I sat Elizabeth down While Anne tried to  calm down Liz and her and soothe her tornado hair. She gave me her stern 'why did you have to rile her up? ' look

"Open the gates" i commanded

As they opened the gates to welcome our unexpected visitors. A blast of air that sent my wolf to overdrive hit me. Her scent so intoxicating i can't even begin to describe what it was. But I know for sure I craved for it.

Andrew came into view first, blocking her, but I knew who she was already. The same girl from my dream. I'd catch wisps of her Carmel hair and I found myself Craining my neck to see her. Part of me couldn't believe she was real. The other part didn't want to believe she was.

Mate screamed in my head and the only thing i could thing of was why.
why now?

And the story begins.....

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