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Colts POV

I watch as she ran out of the pack gates, her golden light brown wolf running away from me.

"She was your mate wasent she" anna said as she turned to face me, i nodded. Anna reached for me hand when we touched it felt diffrent it dident feel the way like i touched hanna.

It started to rain and thunder boomed accrose the sky.Elizabeth came running and she huged anna we all walked inside the pack house not saying a word.

When we walked inside i felt sadness,hurt,grif and regret.

I ran my hands through my hair what did i do i thought. "Daddy whats that" Elizabeth asked me just as a powerfully howl cut through the sky,it collided with the thunder but you could tell the difference.


I thought "its okay sweetie" i told her and pulled in her in a hug. Lighting flashed and i felt a terrible pain run through my chest and head.

The world was spinning and i couldent hear a thing only the sound of a ring. I saw a blury vision of anna running towerds me she was trying to say something but i couldent understand. Elizabeth stayed where she was and she started to cry, then it hit me


"Its hanna" i managed to say "what!" anna said "its hanna i repeated. My head felt like it was about to explode, "we touchd Earlier" i took a breath "wait what you touched!" anna freacked out.

"Thats not the point! Hannas hurt!" i said louder and and mindlinkd my scouts Andrew, steve meet me at the pack gates i told them and i started to wall through the door.

It rained harder i could barely mange to see anything. Andrew and steve were waiting for me by the pack gates i nodded and we all shifted into our wolves.

Find hanna

Was my only command, the pack gates opend and we ran off into the woods searching for hanna.

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