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Hannas POV

   Its been two weeks since we recused our supplies and we still haven't made it to the neighboring  pack. I don't remember them being this far. Yet again I've never traveled on foot to another pack.

    The suns rays warmed my bare back as
"Hanna are we there yet" lilly whined behind me.  "were almost there" I told her so she could shut up.

    We trotted up a small hill, a cold breeze blew my hair, it was the type of cold breeze you would only find when your near a body of water. As we got closer going up the rocky hill, the crashing sound of hundred gallons of water being thrown off a hill could be herd, Lilly ran like a bullet up the hill. When Lilly was out of my sight my brain finally made the connection.

  Waterfall+Lilly= not so good

   I bolted after her, finally at the top. Below me was a pool of crystal clear water. The spray of cold water from the waterfall felt good on my hot skin. My eyes searched the pool for an olive green shirt she had on. I couldn't smell her, that little- has probably already took a dip in the water, washing away Lilly musk.

         Suddenly something wet hugged me from behind me. Then she shoved me, a scream escaped my mouth as we both fell of the hill and into the cold lake. I didn't have time to brace  myself and instantly felt the rush of water go into my nose and ears upon impact with the lake.

   I tried to hold on to lilly but she slipped out of my grip and swam away from me. My eyes opened under water to see a  shiny silver fish swiming pass me.

    I swam up to get air and there was a hysterical Lilly, laughing her ass off, she was on the ground. Her black wet hair stuck to her and she looked like a pig, Rolling in the dirt laughing. In the corner of my vision my familiar phone case was besides her, glisting in the afternoon sun.

She stopped laughing, wiping away tears that could of been just drops of water. Lilly bend down and picked it up, she smirked and took off into the woods.

    Anger boiled through me. Sometimes Lilly acted like  anything but her own age. Her worst persona was when the three year old in her came out. Which mostly was always out.


    I and jumped out of  the water. I ran after her and doged trees, she wasn't that far ahead of me. I cought up to her and tackled her down to the ground. She grunted under my weight. Admist my fun of smudging Lilly's face into the dirt I didn't smell the incoming man, intell I was too late.

  "Who are you"

   His ruff and deep voice commanded. I slowly stood up, observing him. He had short dirty blond hair and pale blue eyes, his face was formed into a scowl and he smelled like burning wood. I could assume the sight of us wasn't pretty the way his eyes glared at us.

  "And who are you" Lilly question and sprang up like a wakamull. She walked towards him intell only a few inches kept them apart. This freaking idiot does she have no pride?

    Lilly was short comparhead to the man she only made it up to his chest.but yet there she was, covered in mud from head to toe and challenging a werewolf. I had no doubt Lilly could take him mind what I say.

  The man sniffed her and growled "your human" he practically spit the words out. I walked closer because he was one of those werewolfs.

     "What pack are you from" I questioned him. But his eyes stayed glued to Lilly.

"Watch your tone mud monsters, your on our pack territory" I quickly turned around and I looked to see another tall guy with long blond hair and green eyes, muscles rippled under his shirt- he was much more muscular then the other guy. "Who you calling mud monsters?" Lilly snaped and glared at the guy behind us.

   The guy just laughed "I can call you whatever I want. Now why are you on our territory?" He crossed his arms over his chest and cocked his head, this arrogant little piece of-

"I may not be your alpha but I am still an alpha, so I suggest not to speak to my pack mate like that" i may have no experience in alpha stuff but I know when to put someone in their place.  Both males shifted there stance, their guard was up now. But they someway still did not look conceived.

     I twisted my arm to show the inside and my alpha birthmark. They looked at each other. "We will take you to our alpha"


   At this point Someone had let the butterfly's free in my stomach. It could have been the nerves of this being my first interaction with another alpha as an alpha, We followed behind them.

   As the sight of wooden gates was ahead of us, a strange feeling suddenly passed through me. It was something I never felt before, it was like I was on a roller coaster. The ups and down Turing my stomach inside out.

         I looked at Lilly to see if it was just me that felt this way. Lilly was too busy silently challenging the short haired blond to notice my distress. As we got closer the roller coaster got faster. There was a fast turn and it felt like someone punched me in the gut. The roller coaster went down fast and hard and at this point I wanted to get off.

     I wanted to laugh because, why did I feel this way?

      The wooden gates opened and right their in front of me was a guy with slick ink black hair. He had pearly white teeth and dimples that made my knees feel like jello. He was laughing at something. When our eyes finally meet I was thrown into a deep mossy lake, it was warm like if I was being hugged. I was running of air but I didn't dare want to leave the warm water for air.

        His eyes shifted from me to a person next to me and whatever hold he had me in I was free. His arm was around a smiling blond girl and a little girl with the same mossy green eyes as him.

        The roller coaster stopped and I was thrown off.

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