it doesn't hurt (not edit)

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"HANNA!" lilly reached out for hanna but it was too late.

It happened in the blink of an eye. The out cast who attacked them on there way to the pack had returned.

He and Hanna had fallen down a hill, they tumbled together fighting each othere on there way to the bottem. Hanna growled her eyes glowing gold but she didn't shift. They tumbled on but the outcast had an advantage his fangs bit down into hanns sholder blade. She screamed in agony,the whicked wolf enoyed her screams of pain and let go.

A few seconds after he let go hannas back hit a bolder. Her breathing stoped. She lay there her eyes wide open. The outcast circled around her,he licked his chomps and perperd to give her a final blow.

Lilly came running down. She gave out a battle cry and jumped down on the out cast. She drove a silver knife coded with posion into his sholder blade. He growled and lilly fell on the floor.

Hanna awake with a start, she reganed her breath and coughed up blood. The outcasts eyes gleemed with joy. He pined down lilly and waited for the alphas reaction.

Hanna intended to make her eyes glow but nothing happend. She tried to stand up but her right arm was broken and something was logged in her leg. A short stick was in her leg. Making blood trickle down creating a pool of blood. Hanna dreaded to the pull the stick out. But she had to, she turned her pain into anger and shouted to the sky.

The outcast sheathed his claws digging them in lillys chest. Hanna throw the blood coated stick on the floor and stood up. She stumbled but kept her balance. "Come on!! You want to kill me, come on!" she shouted and the outcast barked in amusement and accepted her challenge.

She perperd herself and thought of how can she kill him. Then she thought of the stick. Hanna regretted throwing the stick now she had to find it again. The outcast let go of lilly but he didn't realize lilly was faking it. She drove the silver knife in her hand into his chest.

He whined and clawed lillys face. She cried. "Lilly!" hanna screamed . He lunged at hanna aiming for her throat but missed and attacked her injured arm. They both fell to the ground hard, Hanna bit her toung. She didn't want to scream. Soon enough the outcast went numb.

He stoped and blood streamed from his eyes. He fell on Hanna and she kicked him off. "Hanna!! Hanna where are you!" lilly screamed,panic in her voice.

"Hanna!" she cried. Hanna stood up and limbed towerds lilly. Lilly stood up as well and touched the air trying to feel for hannas present. Her left eye had three deep claw marks running down to her chin. Her whole face clouded with blood. Both the girls cloths were just rags drenched in blood. Eather there own or each otheres.

"Lilly im here" Hanna breathed and lilly limbed to the sound of Hannas voice. Hanna held out her hands and lilly fell in her arms. Hanna looked up at her best friend. The sight was gorsome. Lilly reached out and touched Hannas face.

She traced her nose and then pocked it. Her bloody finger print was left there. "I...i can't see anymore" lilly sobbed. "Hanna hugged her and patted her head.

"It doesn't hurt though" the black haired girl said. Howls of triumph erupted from colts pack.

"Your going back" the Burnett told her friend. "" Hanna stoped she couldn't say more. "Your to injured its safer if you go back to colts pack and get treat-" Lilly stoped her by pressing her fingure agents her nose or what she thought was her mouth. "There my pack too! I feel as much responsibility as you do! Im going I'll fine a way to stop the bleeding" pur determination rang in her voice.

"I don't plan to die from bleeding out" lilly stood up but stumbled. Hanna cought her and they both helped each other. "Lilly i can't risk that" Hanna told her.

But of course her stubborn friend. Already started to walk on her own. "And im not listening" she stoped and riped a piece off her shirt and tied the clothing around her eyes.

"Now lead the way" she placed her arms on her hip and waited for the Burnett. "Its almost dawn we need to hurry" hanna took a step forward. She grunted she could still fell as if the stick was still logged there.

Hanna limbed towerds lilly. Lilly held her and they both started walking back into the trees. "How meny times does this count us drenched in blood?" lilly asked.

Hanna gave a huff of amusement.


And im so so so ×100 sorry that i couldn't update faster but i plan to finish this book before 2016 so another chapter will be coming *cough* your *cough* way!

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