End to begin (not edit)

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They ran, soon the moon started to go down. And Lilly and Hanna were beyond tired. But there determination still burned brightly.

Hannas wolf had sheild herself from Hanna herself, thus making Hanna more weaker and vulnerable. She stumbled and fell a few times but Lilly was there to pick her up.

"Hanna look!" Lilly called out as they ran up a hill and saw the river they crosed that was there first step on there journey.

" time to find your dream guy"

"Yeah i hope he is what i dreamed about"

"Don't wory if he tries anything i'll smash his head!"

The flashback of Lillys threat fadded away as they stared down at the river before hurrying to there pack entrence.

Before they even stepped in they could already smell the mixture of blood and death,along with grief and misery.

The sky was a painting. To unreal to believe.

Hanna walked in with lilly. People hurried and ran to help the injured while children cried at there dead parents side.

Hanna choked on her own breath. It's as if her lungs stoped inhaling air. She continued to walk like a mindless zombie.

"Baby please don't die!" a mother called out and clunged to the lifeless body of a young boy.

"Daddy wake up!" a young girl shouted but her father never opend his eyes.

Lilly followed Hanna as she mindlessly walked to the middle of the camp. The tears had already started spilling.

Hanna droped to her nees. Everything she loved was destroyed. She failed as an alpha to protect her pack.

All the buldings where burnt to ash and, boddies lay every where. Those who could stand ran to help the injured or hoped to find there loved ones still standing.

But the one thing that cought Hanna was seeing Zack her beta hug the lifeless body of his mate...Amy

"Oh my god...please no"

Lilly shudderd and ran to Amy. She tried to hold Amys hand but Zack pulled her away growling. But that growling turned to anguished cries and sobs.

Hanna looked around herself, in her head pictures of her pack smiling and laughing was taken away and turned to cries of horror and pain. She dug her nails into the dirt. Hanna struggled to breath and then some one said a word that Hanna didn't expect.


Hanna stoped she looked up. There stood a little boy with a bandage around his head. His face was smeared in dirt but a glint of hope was in his eyes.

His mother looked up from her puffy red eyes. She also quietly said "Alpha"

More people stood up or turned around and looked at Hanna. She was still sitting while the little boy smiled.


Suddenly Hanna cought a glimps of the shimmer in every ones eyes. They were all filled with hope.

Hanna stared st the ground ehilr her messy hair hid her face. She stood up a new look in her eye.

The look that promised to lift her pack off the ground. Help them out of there depths of dispare.

But more importantly it was the look of revenge.

And thats the end of this book. but im still not sure if like this ending.

But eather way there will be a sequel and i promise i will try to keep my promises this time.

Ehehe sorry about that.

Anyways what do you think Hanna could have in store for revenge and what about colt?

Huehuehue im going to really enjoy writing the sequel. Along with my othere works

So i leve off with this farewell

Good bye

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