After the First Major Fight

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I'm coming roaring back with some angst. Again, I can't promise more chapters after this, it'll just happen... If it happens, but hey, ya bitch is back 😌
Sorry about the inconsistent lengths of each characters blurb
also for those of you who caught this when i first published this. shhh. i deadass forgot ishimaru. pretend that never happened.

•He hadn't been paying as much attention to you, it was getting on your nerves
•He'd been giving so much attention to his fans and some of them you felt he was being a bit too kind.
•It started as small things making you a little peeved, but as time went on both of you became more and more on edge
•Leon didn't really understand why, but he couldn't help but also start being rash when he saw you getting so irritated
•Eventually, you two started screaming at eachother over something very small
•You told him to just go fuck off and hang out with one of his fangirls, he clearly liked them better than you anyways.
•You stormed out before he could even respond.
•Sitting outside you starting crying, regretting what you said.
•You were about to get up and go to the car to leave for a while, when Leon grabbed your wrist and pulled you close.
•"That's what this has all been about...? You think I'm spending more time with them than you because... I want too?"
•You nodded, still slightly angry.
•"Babe.. It's my fucking manager, he thinks I need to do more PR shit. I want to spend every waking moment with you, please, believe me..."
•Looking into his eyes, there was so much pain.
•Pain knowing he had hurt you, pain of fearing you'd leave him.
•After a moment or two, you fell back into sobbing tears, hugging him close.
•He brought you back inside, and sat down on the couch with you.
•"I'm taking tomorrow off. I just want to focus on you, and only you. Okay?"

•Knowing his anger, it was bound to happen eventually
•At this point you can't even remember why he got angry at you
•Or did you get angry at him?
•You couldn't remember. Either way, what you do know is that now you're both screaming at eachother. You're sobbing while screaming.
•Eventually, Mondo says something he almost immediately regrets.
•He screams for you to just fucking leave already, he doesn't want you here.
•You run sobbing out of the house and go stay with Sakura, someone you had become good friends with, for a little while.
•A few days later, Mondo comes knocking on the door.
•Sakura answers and is hesitant to let him in. You had told her what happened, and she had seen how heartbroken he'd made you
•He practically begged for her to let him see you, pleading with her and telling her he wanted to make amends.
•Begrudgingly, she let him in and told him which room you're staying in.
•Before she let him go to you, she told him she'd never forgive him if he made things worse.
•He nodded, and opened the guest bedroom door
•You weren't startled to see him, you could hear his voice from downstairs
•You ask him what the hell he wants
•You wouldn't admit it at the time, but you where relieved to see him again
•".. Y/N... I was a fucking idiot to tell you to leave... I miss you so goddamn bad, it hurts... It hurts that I hurt you... I don't give a shit if it takes a while for things to be normal again, I just fucking need you to come back.... I should've never raised my voice at you, you didn't deserve that... And... I'm so fucking sorry I told you I don't want you around... Nothing I said was true and I love you so fucking much..."
•He had started crying as he was talking, and knowing Mondo, he wouldn't cry unless something was really, REALLY hurting him
•So you knew what he said was genuine
•You started crying as well, throwing yourself to him and wrapping your arms around his shoulders.
•You two sat there for a while, crying and hugging it out.
•You lost track of how many times he said he loves you
•Eventually, he took you back home, and was very careful about his temper for a while

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