Shuichi Saihara

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Emo baby,,,, good boy :)
Sorry if some of these are short lol,,, i really wanted to get something out to y'all

How You Met
•Met in forensics class
•Yes that exists,,, at least in my school lol
•You guys got paired for a project, the goal was to solve a fake murder case (insert despair pollution noise here)
•You guys did very well, you felt a little bad because you felt like he was doing all the work
•He was quiet and nervous, but came out of his shell when talking about what you guys where doing

You Realize You're Crushing
•You're fascinated by his talent, often finding yourself staring at him when he's working
•Also he's like,,, super cute
•Like those eyes??? Could stare at them for hours.
•You're a goner lol.

They Realize They're Crushing
•He finds you adorable, especially when you're trying to help him
•He does think you're doing well, and you do point things out he doesn't notice
•He loves to listen to you reason something out, thinking your thought process is unique
•He likes u,,,,

How They Confess
•He asks you to meet him during lunch
•You do, and he's hiding one hand behind his back
•Blushy nervous boy
•"Y-Y/N... I uh.. I kinda... I like- No... I-I love you..!"
•He stuttered a bunch, fumbling over his words, before finally getting what he wanted to say out
•He brought his hand out from behind his back, offering you a bouquet of your favorite flowers
•Or like,,, chocolate if you're allergic to flowers. if you're allergic to chocolate I'm sorry
•You smile brightly at him, hugging him tight, saying that you love him too
•Poor baby nearly cries he's so happy

First Date
•Takes you out to a park
•He seemed pretty damn nervous
•He held your hand a lot
•One smiley boye
•Got you your favourite food
•It was a good day :)

First Kiss
•It took him a while to muster up the courage to kiss you
•It was around the third date, when he had just brought you home and it was time to say goodbye until the next day
•After a brief moment of silence, he pulled you into a gentle kiss
•It startled you, but you gladly accepted
•It lasted a few seconds, and when he pulled away he was a blushy but happy boye

When You're Sad
•If you're sad, he's sad
•So he always does his best to make you happy again
•Whether it be giving you advice, playing your favourite movie or song, taking you out to eat, reading to you, or even just getting you snacks and being with you
•Honestly, he's pretty good at cheering you up

•How you cuddle doesn't matter too much to him
•Although he prefers to have his arms wrapped tight around your waist, if you're close to him he's good with it
•I have a bit of a headcanon that he's a bit starved for affection,,, so just cuddle this boy pls
•He tends to pet your hair, talking about nothing in particular

What They're Like With You In Public
•Holds your hand,, constantly
•A bit nervous, but that's just him being him
•Shy, but also talkative and happy
•Likes to take you to different restaurants and such, so whenever you guys are out and about there's bound to be something fun to do

Yours for him: Shu-Shu
His for you: Love

Soulmate AU
•You're born with a mark on your cheek that matches your soulmate's, when you first meet and make eye contact it'll glow golden
•You found eachother when you where walking in the hallway
•You knocked into him, and you both apologized basically at the same time
•When you looked up and made eye contact, his mark started glowing
•His eyes went wide when he saw your mark glowing as well
•He immediately pulled you into a tight hug, nearly crying
•He had thought he'd never find his soulmate
•You guys stay like that for a little while

When They're Jealous
•He makes it clear to you, and glares at the other guy
•He will actively try to make up excuses as to why you two have to leave
•When y'all eventually do leave, he hugs you tight
•He's a bit nervous about losing you, even if he knows logically it won't happen that easily
•Even so, he keeps his arms around you for a while, occasionally kissing you
•You're his and he's yours, mk?

When You're Hurt
•You had dislocated your shoulder
•He sped you to the hospital to get it put back into place
•He paced the waiting room, terrified
•He was shaking and his mind was spinning at all the possible ways this could get worse
•When you finally got out, you had a sling
•Even if you had it out of the sling, you had minimal ability to use your hand at all
•Luckily it was your non dominant arm, so you could still write
•He was there for you every step of the way
•He helped you as it healed, encouraged you during physical therapy, and everything else on the way to recovery
•He let you cry on him when the pain was too much, doing everything he could to make you feel better

Their Favorite Thing About You
•Your eyes
•He loves them

You Have A Nightmare
•You had woken up in tears after a nap, and he happened to be out of the house at the time
•You called him, asking him to come home because you just need to see him and know he's okay
•He could hear the fear and panic in your voice, rushing home as soon as he could
•When he opened the door to your bedroom, he saw you curled up in a ball crying
•He walked over, sitting down and hugging you tight
•He listened to you explain the nightmare, he hated to see you being this scared
•He kissed your forehead hand rubbed your back
•"Love... It's all okay, I'm still here... I'm not going to die on you... You mean everything too me, I'll be with you forever... It's all gonna be okay I promise..."
•He took you out to get food to get your mind off of it, letting you pick wherever and whatever you wanted to eat

If You Self-Harmed
•He caught it happening
•He saw you cutting open your shin and nearly screamed
•He pulled the blade away immediately, bandaging your shins and cursing under his breath.
•He was angry for a moment, but not at you, at himself. Why couldn't he have caught it sooner?
•He looked up at you, making eye contact
•He was terrified.
•He pulled you into a tight hug, shaking
•You started sobbing into his shirt
•"Why...? What happened...? T-This scares me, sweetheart... I should've caught this earlier... But, what can I do to help you right now...? Is there anything I can do...? I love you so much, I want you to be happy.."
•You slowly and quietly explained, he promised to help you fix the issue.

When You Get Bullied
•People thought you where just weird
•They would put the spotlight on you when they knew you wanted to be alone
•They would tell you Shuichi was planning to leave you, that he was cheating on you
•They would call you worthless and that you didn't matter to anyone.
•One day, Shuichi caught this happening
•He barged his way through the crowd, pulling you away and taking you somewhere safe
•You where sobbing, and immediately hugged him tight
•He asked why you never told him, you said you where afraid it was all true
•"Never... Would I never cheat on you, you're my everything... I would be lost without you, you're such an amazing person... I love you so much and everything they're saying is bullshit..."
•Ever since then, he made sure to stay by your side as much as possible

i wrote this entire thing listening to Bastille's album Doom Days on repeat :)

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