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Hi all. It's been a while eh? But let's get right too it. I haven't felt motivated to write in a long... Long time. Ah well, let's get into it shall we. Forgive me if im a bit rusty :)
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•He had known for a while he wanted to marry you...
•He was never sure how to go about proposing though.
•Should he do something big and showy? Like take you out onto the field at a game, and propose in front of everyone there?
•No, no... That'd be far too overwhelming.
•What if he just snuck the ring onto your finger as you slept, and waited for you to notice? Or place it somewhere and wait for you to find it?
•So, for a long time he just brought the ring with him whenever you two went out together.
•One evening, you two were snuggled next to eachother under a blanket, leaning against a tree.
•You were watching the sunset after an evening picnic.
•As he watched the orangey, reddish, yellowish lights dance on your face.. And the beautiful colors swirl in your eyes..
•He realized he didn't need a big plan, or some grand scheme. His hand reached into his pocket and pulled the ring from the box
•"God... You know I love you, so much... You're nothing like everyone else... You listen to me, you've been supporting me all this time... You're so perfect. I'm... I'm so lucky that you're mine..."
•He took your hand in his, splaying out your fingers, and sliding the ring onto your ring finger. The realization dawned on you, and
without him even needing to ask the question, you pulled him closer and said yes.
•"You make me so happy... I can't wait for our day, my sweet..."
•He left a gentle peck on your lips, smiling brightly in the dimming evening light.

•My lord he's nervous. So scared. So so incredibly scared.
•What if you say no? What if it's too soon? What if you leave him?
•So many questions and only one way to know the answer.. To finally ask the question.
•He took you out to an amazing date, and had the small black box in his pocket the whole time. Many a time his hand hovered towards it, yet he kept backing out.
•Finally, as the two of you left the building, you noticed him tense up more than usual. After asking what was wrong he turned to you with a nervous, yet serious expression.
•"Y/N... Before we met I hadn't considered... A world outside school... I'd study and study and never rest... You managed to show me a world of happiness, of joyus experiences beyond what i knew..."
•He knelt down, as the realization of what was happening hit you, you brought your hand to your heart
•His voice was noticeably shaking. He was terrified, his body wracked with shivers as he pulled the small box from his pocket
•"Which is why... I want you to marry me, Y/N... And let me pay back everything you've done for me."
•Needless to say, you said yes. He immediately burst into tears, wrapping his arms tight around your shoulders
•"Oh my lord! I'm so happy, I was so scared I... I love you, Y/N."
•He slipped the ring onto your finger as you kissed him, a few people had noticed and cheered. What a joyus day.

•In classic mondo fasion, when he struggled to bring it up, he got mad.
•When he was alone, he'd pace back and forth holding the ring
•Wondering why the hell he can't just man up and ask already.
•He took you out for a ride, driving you around a beautiful forest
•The ring sat in the pocket of his jacket, and he was terrified.
•Once you two got to the top of a little hill, you got off and sat down in a clearing.
•A wave of confidence washed over him, as he watched your beautiful form walk in the clearing.
•He smiled, astounded that such a beautiful person was his
•And he realized he never wanted to be with anyone else.
•"Yknow, Y/N, i never considered myself the soft type. I'm always the big tough guy, that's just who i am."
•He looked towards you, lavender eyes boring into your soul
•"But you... Bring out a softness in me, a happy feeling i used to consider weak... But you've shown me that it's not weak... I'm so happy with you, and i never want to stop feeling this way.."
•He slowly pulled out the ring, opening the little box
•"So... Will you marry me?"
•He felt a wash of relief crash onto him when you lept into his embrace, saying yes over and over again. He pressed his lips to yours, sliding the ring down your finger.

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