How You Met

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An updated first chapter! Beware that the next few after this will seem to take a dip in quality, as I'm still in the process of rewriting :)
Non killing game AU

•You were at gym, and happened to notice a redhead complaining about having to do baseball.
•You got put with him for practice, and in his mild annoyance he nearly knocked you out with his bat. Purely accidental, mind you.
•"Ah, shit, I'm sorry. You alright? D'ya need to go get some ice or anything?"
•After getting over your shock, you shook your head and stood up
•"I never even introduced myself. My name is Leon, Leon Kuwata."

•You were getting pushed around, beat up by your typical bullies.
•Ishimaru, doing his typical walk around the school before class, found you and diffused the situation.
•You tried to thank him, but he shook his head.
•"You mustn't thank me! I am doing my duty to ensure this is a safe school environment"
•Mildly endeared by his passion for everyone remaining safe, you introduced yourself.
•"My name is Kiyotaka Ishimaru! An honor to meet you!"

•You two happen to sit next to eachother in history class
•Honestly, he never pays attention.
•During casual chatter, someone had happened to bring up motorcycles.
•That got his attention.
•He started rambling, on and on, you were the only one to continue listening while others moved on to other conversation.
•"Eh, I've been rambling for a bit. I should introduce myself. My name is Mondo Owada!"

•In the middle of a class, you suddenly felt something jump onto your shoulder.
•Looking at it, it was a large, orange hamster.
•Behind you sat a rather eccentric looking man, who had three other hamsters in his scarf.
•Assuming it was his, you picked up the furry creature and held him out to the man behind you.
•"Wh- Cham-p! Get off this mortal at once!"
•The large hamster, apparently named Cham-p, scuttled off your hands and settled into his owner's scarf.
•"Deepest apologies. I was unaware there was another high level being such as yourself among us. Others may have been unable to handle Cham-P's energy"
•What an odd way of speaking. Rather endearing, wouldn't you say?
•"You may call me.. Gundham Tanaka! It is a true pleasure to come across an equal being for once."

•You were new to the school.
•Spotting a lonely looking student in the corner of the lunch room, you decided to sit down across from him.
•He seemed tired, mildly anxious from the loud room around him.
•Only once you sat down did he notice you, having been spaced out in his own world
•"Ah, I'm sorry, I'll move-"
•He seemed hesitant to sit with anyone else, not wanting to burden them.
•After a small amount of reassurance, he settled back down.
•"My name... Is Nagito Komaeda.. It is my hope that I am not of annoyance to you..."

•In a gardening class, the two of you got put together on a project of growing a flowerbed.
•He was somewhat clumsy, his large hands unable to do the more delicate tasks of planting the small seeds and saplings
•He easily got distracted by the bugs flying around, excitedly telling you all about what kind they were.
•He helped mostly with digging and watering.
•You asked for his name a little while later
•"Gonta's name is Gonta Gokuhara! Gonta is very excited to meet you!"

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•The two of you were in an AP History class together, if you don't know what AP classes are think one step above honors.
•He would often get caught up in tangents about the groups of people that lived during the time periods you studied, sometimes taking up half the class.
•You often allowed him to ramble at you, even if you weren't truly paying attention to what he was saying.
•"My name is Korekiyo Shinguji. May I know your name?"

•You both happened to have a free period before lunch, and ended up meeting in the library.
•He was in the fiction section, specifically looking at adventure books.
•You couldn't quiet reach a few shelves higher up, so you requested help from the green haired boy that happened to already be on the rolling ladder
•He helped you, and commented on the book you were taking out, saying it was one of his favorites.
•It reminded him of one of his own stories, which he told to you.
•"My name is Rantaro Amami. It's nice to meet a fellow adventurous soul."

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