Their Favorite Thing About You

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Real quick a/n
I managed to drag one of my friends back down into the DR fandom with me so im proud of myself
that is all
Also, some of these will not apply to all people bc idk what you're actually like fam

•Your ability to forgive.
•Since he has a tendency to screw up (you first met because he almost hit you with a damn baseball bat) he appricates you understanding when things are genuinely accidents

•Your voice
•He just finds it adorable idk man

•Your passion for whatever you're doing
•Likes seeing you get so fired up and excited about stuff

•Your caring nature.
•The way you care for him and his animals is very endearing to him

•Loves the way you make sure he doesn't talk badly about himself
•Won't be caught dead admitting it, but he loves the fact that you stop him from being so self hating.

•Loves how delicate you are
•Is fascinated by this, as he himself is not exactly delicate.

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•The way you listen and seem to always want to know more
•He loves your curiosity

•Your smile
•The way you smile when he's telling his stories absolutely melts his heart
•Will try to make you smile as often as possible

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