When You're Sad

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Sad times, man. Also hello hi u wonderfull bitches
I almost wrote wonderfuck
I can write i swear

•Tries to help
•Lowkey doesn't know how
•Kisses you
•Lets you rant
•Will get you anything you need
•Trying His Best™
•Tries to make you laugh/smile

•Uses a calmer voice than usual
•Will take you out of whatever situation is making you upset
•If it isn't a situation, he'll do his best to fix whatever it is
•Tells you that things will get better

•Will bring you to places you like being
•Will let you rant to him, he usually agrees with how you feel
•He also hugs you
•Lets you wear his jacket
•Cuz you seem happy in it
•Generally is supportive and there for you

•Hugs you
•His Devas and other animals also cuddle up to you to help
•However, if you want alone time with him the animals understand and give you some space
•He holds you close and lets you cry into his shoulder, not caring if you wipe your eyes on his scarf
•Will vow to vanquish any and all person who hurts or upsets you

•Is very understanding and kind
•Lets you talk
•But interrupts you whenever you start trash talking yourself, reminding you that you're beautiful
•Gets you food
•Is a sweetheart about it all
•If you dare say that you think you're a burden he WILL cuddle you

•Honestly isn't sure how to react
•Lets you cry
•Holds you close
•Pets your hair
•idk what else to write

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•Says that although he hates seeing you this way, he understands that sadness is a part of being human
•Tries to remind you of this
•Tells you it'll pass
•And that he'll be there no matter what
•Lets you play with his hair because he knows that makes you happy
•Lowkey you end up braiding it

•This mans
•All the hugs, cuddling, and kisses
•Gets scared to leave you alone because what if you start crying while he isn't around and he can't help you
•Tells you a few stories
•Holds you
•Strokes your hair and rubs your back
•Tells you he loves you

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