How They Confess

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•While you where practicing with him
•He smirks
•He chucks a ball at you extremely hard
•You somehow manage to catch it
•"lEoN wHaT tHe HeLl-"
•"Look at the ball."
•You look at it
•It has a note attached to it "have you caught feelings for me like you caught this?"
•You blush
•He seems nervous
•You hug him and say yes
•He gets v happy

•At one point or another, he asked you to meet him after school in the courtyard
•You do
•He seems to be nervous, shifting around in place.
•"Y/N, it's come to my attention that this school seems to be an unsafe environment for you... I wish to be by your side as often as possible to protect you!"
•You blush, asking if he means what you think he means
•He looks down and nods
•You jump up and hug him tight, saying that you would love that.

•He was getting jealous again, and after the guy you had been talking to walked away, he tapped your shoulder
•He asks if he can tell you something and you say of course.
•"Y/N... I can't stand seeing you talk to other guys... I don't mean you aren't aloud to or anything... But... Goddammit, i fucking love you!"
•You stand there shocked
•He bear hugs you
•You say you love him too and snuggle into his chest
•Hugz r good

•Good ol Cham-P really took initiative again
•Aggressively squeaking at Gundham to say something
•So he gives a little paper to the Deva
•And sends him off to you
•Once you notice the thiqüé boi on your shoulder you take the paper
•It says to meet him after school
•You do
•"Y/N... Every king, even ones of the underworld, require a queen to rule by their side. Will you, my dark goddess, be my midnight queen?"
•You hug him v tightly and say yes way too many times
•He blushy af
•Hugs you back, resting his head on yours

•Throws a paper at your head
•It says "Will you be my one and only hope?"
•He's over there having a heart attack that he actually just did that
•You smile and hug the marshmallow
•He starts to apologize
•You cut him off by saying you love him
•He gets happy
•Everyone loves a happy marshmallow

•While you two where working together in the garden he taps your shoulder
•You ask him what he needs
•He says he needs to tell you something
•"Gonta think flowers are pretty and delicate... Gonta think lady Y/N is like flower..."
•You smile
•He's blushing and looking away
•You hug him and say you love him
•He gets all happy
•Yay happy bug boy

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•He just out of nowhere, in the middle of him talking says
•"Y/N, I know you like me dear. You try to make me laugh every day, kukuku~"
•You panic
•He continues "i think it's adorable, don't worry~" and then quickly takes off his mask, pecks your cheek, and puts it back on again
•You blush bright red
•He chuckles and hugs you

•He says he has a different kind of story to tell that day
•Then goes off on a story about a boy with green hair and green eyes being in love with a girl with E/C eyes and H/C hair.
•He then looks at you "Best part is, this story is all true. Y/N, I love you with all my heart"
•You smile brightly
•He can read your face,and pulls you into a tight hug
•You're happy, he's happy.

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