They Realize They're Crushing

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Wow so many updates in one day don't get used to it im a a lazy hoe

•He both finds you physically attractive and the way you're able to take a joke
•Finds your laugh adorable
•Likes how you poke fun at him and lets him poke fun at you
•Tbh he knew from the start he liked you

•Without really thinking about it, he starts trying to protect you more
•Just thinks he wants to keep the school safe
•Gets really confused when he starts getting jealous over other guys talking to you
•Then realizes
•He doesn't just want to keep the school safe, he wants to keep you safe
•Blushes when he realizes this

•Loves how you let him talk about his motorcycle as well as his gang
•Finds himself getting angry and reaaallllyy wanting to punch any guy who talks to you
•Gets kinda overprotective
•Gets defensive if anyone asks if he likes you

•Despite being in some form if denial about the way he speaks and acts being any sort of strange, he does appreciate that you dont get weirded out or scared away.
•Still wants to figure out why Cham-P chose you to jump to
•Realizes he'd glaring daggers at other men talking to you
•"What type of dark magic is causing the taboo king to be feeling this way"

•He won't admit it, but enjoys how you stop him from insulting himself
•Likes being able to talk about hope around you without making you uncomfortable
•Thinks you're generally adorable
•Gets sad whenever you aren't paying attention to him
•Poor bb

•He just kinda felt more attached to you than others
•loves how delicate you are
•Thats all i can think to write :/

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.)
•He knows you like him
•He finds the way you try to get him to laugh absolutely adorable
•Although he finds all of humanity beautiful, there's a certain allure you have he can't quiet describe.
•"Kukuku... Y/N is so... Enticing... I must figure out what it is about her that makes me feel so... Alive..."

•Appricates your love of adventure
•Loves how attentive you are to his stories
•Just thinks you look extremly huggable
•Loves your laugh and voice
•In general, just loves you and wants to get to know you more than he could as friends.

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