You Have A Nightmare

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Let's go boys.
Also, the nightmare was about him dying.
If you want extra sadness, imagine that your nightmare was their DR execution (this of course wouldn't apply to Ishi/Rantaro/Nagito)

•He turned on the light after hearing crying noises, and sure enough there you where, crying in your sleep.
•He woke you up, his soft blue eyes filled with worry looking into your terrified ones.
•He scooped you up into a hug, lifting you out of bed, supporting your legs while you had your arms wrapped around his shoulders
•He then sat down so that now you where sitting in his lap, leaning against him, and in a tight embrace.
•He had also done this to fully wake you up, he didn't want your dream to mix with reality and scare you more
•You cried loudly into his chest, your heartbeat loud and fast
•He was silent for a little while, he had figured out what the dream was about from the few mumbled words you had managed to get out
•At one point, he sighed and said
•"Babe... I'm here, I promise... I'm not gonna get killed, trust me on this... You're my damn world, it hurts to see you this scared... So please, trust me... I'm here..."
•You where still kinda panicking, unable to get yourself to calm down
•He sighed and pulled your face to his, kissing you to snap you out of it
•You finally relaxed, and he pulled away
•You where blushing, then you remembered how exhausted you where.
•He lay down, snuggling you to sleep and holding you close all night.

•Woke you up by hugging you, he had seen you crying in your sleep
•With one hand held your hand, with his other arm he held you close to him
•You sobbed into his chest, trying your best to explain
•He rubbed your back, telling you everything was okay
•After a while, you rubbed your eyes and smiled at him, thankful that he was there for you.
•He smiled back, and in a surprisingly soft voice, said
•"There's the smile I love... It's all okay, sweetheart... I'm not going to die on you, I promise. You're the most important thing to me in the world, I'm glad I can make you smile like this even when you had just been so scared..."

•Shook you (gently) awake after you had been repeating muttering things like "don't go, please... keep going.... Don't leave... Like this..." in your sleep
•Asked you what was wrong
•You hugged onto him, not ever wanting to let go
•He sat down, still holding you
•You buried your face into his shirt, crying quietly
•You felt safer in his strong embrace, eventually calming down enough to explain
•He kissed your forehead, chuckling a bit
•"Doll... Don't worry about that nightmare, I'm not goin down any time soon. I've gotta stick around to protect ya. Fuckin hell, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I left ya all alone like that."
•You smiled and relaxed
•Although you felt better, you couldn't sleep so you two stayed up for a while talking
•When you eventually did fall asleep, he tucked you back into bed before falling asleep next to you

•San-D had gotten Gundham who was still awake downstairs
•Gundham seemed confused at first, but followed the aggressively squeaking boye to your room
•His eyes widened when he saw you tossing and turning in your sleep, immediately going to your side
•He woke you up, you started crying.
•He sat down on the bed, pulling you into a tight hug.
•The devas all tried to comfort you as well
•When you explained what the nightmare was about, he sighed and held you as close as he could
•"My sweet goddess... The flame of our love is eternal, my damned soul shall not be returning to the nether realms for many years to come... But even when I do, I will still have my dark queen to rule the underworld with me..."
•He smiled, rubbing your back.
•He snuggled with you until you fell back asleep, then slept beside you with the devas snuggled up to you two as well

•You had woken up sobbing, he came running in from downstairs asking what happened
•In your panicked and sobbing state, all you where able to squeak out was "y-y-you... dead..."
•He pulled you into a gentle embrace, sitting down on the bed with you in his lap
•Almost started crying himself at hearing you so upset
•Ran his hands through your hair, you where shaking pretty badly
•"My shining ray of hope... I'm so sorry I didn't wake you up, if I had known you where having such a... Horrific nightmare... B-But I'm here now, I'm still alive, I gotta stay alive... For you..."
•You sighed shakily, asking if he wanted to watch a movie together because you didn't want to go back to sleep, even though it was the middle of the night
•He nodded softly
•He carried you downstairs, placed you on the couch and started playing your favorite movie
•He snuggled with you on the couch, a blanket covering the both of you
•Around an hour in, you had fallen asleep while laying on top of him
•He turned off the movie, falling asleep as well

•Wasn't entirely sure what to do when he saw you thrashing around in your sleep
•He felt like something was wrong, but he didn't think it was gentlemanly to wake someone up
•Sat down next to you, this woke you up
•You practically threw yourself around him, hugging him tight
•He was startled, but hugged back
•Started crying a little bit himself as he heard you explain the nightmare while sobbing
•"It break Gonta's heart to see (Y/N) this sad... Gonta should have wake you up... Gonta sorry... B-But, Gonta no dead! There is no need to cry, Gonta is still here!"
•You nodded, asking him to stay with you the rest of the night
•He agreed, saying he would 'protect you from the nightmares'
•You fell asleep on top of him, listening to his heartbeat

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•You where taking a nap at the time
•Had noticed you mumbling and crying in your sleep
•Took both of your hands in his to wake you up
•Once you did, you abruptly sat up in bed, breathing heavily.
•He sat up as well, putting at hand on your back
•You leaned against him, he pet your hair as you explained what happened in the dream
•He put a hand on your tear-stained cheek
•"Even your nightmares... Although gruesome and terrifying, show the beauty of your soul... The fact that you are so horrified at the idea of my passing, is a truly beautiful thing... However, there is no need to show this fear... I am still here, my sweet..."
•You rubbed your eyes, hugging him
•He hugged back
•You didn't really want to go back to sleep at that point, so he took you out to lunch to get your mind off of it.

•Since he had twelve younger sisters, he had gotten good at dealing with nightmares, and had gotten very good at recognizing when someone was having one
•Had felt you shaking before you had even woken up
•Wrapped his arms around you, petting your hair to wake you up
•When you did, you immediately clung to him and cried into his chest
•He didn't care about your tears staining his shirt
•He reassured you over and over that he was there, nothing had happened in that amazing voice of his
•I can't be the only one who feels comforted by Rantaro's voice
•"Shh, shh...It's okay, I'm right here... I'm okay... I'm not going anywhere anytime soon... I promise... You mean too much to me, my love... I can't die on you..."
•You nodded, but where still scared
•After you had calmed down, he softly kissed you to make sure you knew he was there, and loved you dearly
•He continued to hold you until you fell back and while you where asleep

•You had been twitching around in your sleep
•He woke you up, asking what was wrong
•You couldn't even answer, you just started crying
•He sat you in his lap, you where crying into his shoulder
•He was quiet, just rubbing your back and trying to calm you down enough so you could speak
•Once you could, you explained what the nightmare was about, which caused you to cry even harder
•He frowned
•"(Y/N), my beautiful aurora, I'm not givin' up on this life! There's still so much I have left to do! I know you're scared but... My future with you, my future in the stars, all has only just begun! I'm not gonna let that all get thrown away!"
•In his usual, upbeat and optimistic way, he managed to cheer you up
•You giggled, still sleepy
•He told you to get some rest, laying down next to you

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