You Realize You're Crushing

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Finally updated this chapter as well! As always, remember this is still an in-progress book so the next few chapters will have a noticeable dip in quality, until I get around to updating them.

•Despite your first meeting being you almost getting your face bashed in, you two actually became fast friends
•He's made a few jokes about you needing to pay attention
•You joke back, telling him to watch his own surroundings more
•It's a very sarcastic and poking fun at each other friendship
•You find your mind wandering to him often, why on earth can't you stop thinking about him?
•Your heart has a weird pang whenever he mentions another girl's name, even if they really really are just friends
•Eventually it clicks, you like this guy. 

•You feel like you're in debt to him for helping you, he works so hard and doesn't ask for anything in return.
•He insists he was just doing his job, and you drop the subject. For now, that is.
•You catch yourself gravitating towards him constantly, a smile coming across your face whenever he's talking.
•You start to realize you feel safe around him, like nothing in the world could hurt you if he's near.
•My friend, you've fallen head over heals for him.

•You start eating lunch at the same table as him, and realize there's a softness in him that goes further than the surface.
•He seems happy talking to you, and has a genuine smile that is rare to see from him.
•You realize you get really happy whenever he's happy
•You can feel your heart jump in your chest whenever he laughs
•It takes you a little while to admit it, but eventually you realize
•He's made his way into your heart, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

•His passion for animals is charming, he seems so happy when he can talk to you, rambling on and on about who knows what.
•He's still confused as to how you can "handle" the Devas, his own words.
•You feel all warm and fuzzy whenever you hear his voice, that deep gravely voice of his.
•His speech patterns, although odd, is entrancing to listen to.
•Cham-P is a damn good matchmaker
•You keep thinking about him, he's always there in your thoughts.
•You've fallen, hard.

•You're both self deprecating
•But also both get frustrated with the other constantly beating themselves up
•At one point he goes "Y/N, I'm really worried one day you'll lose hope. The way you talk about yourself sounds like you're describing me, and you're not anything like trash like me!"
•You tell him he isn't everything he says he is, trying to get him to take back what he said
•But ohoho your heart was doing all sorts of flips in your chest
•You felt like you where going to burst you where so happy he said that
•Then you realized, you didn't feel like this when it came to anyone else...
•I guess he's stuck with you now, huh?

•His bubbly and kind nature is remarkably charming.
•The way his eyes light up when you ask about bugs makes your heart flutter
•He may look intimidating, being so tall and built like a tank, he's so nice to everyone he meets.
•It doesn't take you very long to realize you've caught feelings.

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.)
•You find yourself becoming interested in whatever he happens to talk about, something about the way he talks makes anything seem interesting
•He could talk on and on about anything, it doesn't get tiring. 
•You're calmed by his voice, without even realizing it your face is dusted with blush when you're around him
•He notices but doesn't say anything
•You like him, and the smug bastard can tell.

•His stories completely entrance you
•You get sad whenever the bell rings and you have to go to class and stop talking to him
•You love his eyes, the way they light up as he tells you about everywhere he's been.
•His silvery voice makes your heart skip beats, and eventually it just hits you
•This is love.

I'm not gonna bother deleting all the comments, so enjoy getting confused about the ones that where made before the update.

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