Kaito Momota

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I felt like its high time we bring in space boy. He's very sweet and i love him but also what is his hair doing? Just... How????

How you met
•In astronomy class
•He seemed bored, because he already knew everything
•You guys just started generally chatting, he was talking about his dreams of going to space
•You smiled and listened, he asked you about your talent and your dreams
•He seemed interested, happy to listen

You realize you're crushing
•You haven't met someone who seemed so genuinely ready to listen to you in a while
•He was encouraging, never let you down, and supportive
•He always manages to make you laugh when you're down.
•You find yourself smiling more around him than when you're around other people.
•Yeh ur crushing gorl

He realizes he's crushing
•He thinks you're adorable
•Although you're a lot quieter than him, he thinks the way you think of the world and how you see things are very interesting.
•Yeah he likes you
•Sorry this one's short, idk what else to write

How he confessed
•Asked you to meet up with him
•You guys met at a park during a clear evening
•You guys talked while laying on a hill, stargazing for a bit
•Eventually, he went quiet.
•You asked him what's wrong. He replied,
•"Y/N... My dream is to travel to the stars... I never thought of it this way, but I realized while talking to you that... It would be lonely up there all on my own... What I'm tryna say is... I like you, Y/N, and want to be with you... Here and among the stars..."
•You blush madly, but roll over and snuggle up to him
•Neither of you say anything else, he just wraps an arm around you and that was that.

First date
•He took you to an observatory
•He talked about the stars you guys looked at, then after a while you guys went outside and just looked up at the sky for a while
•He pointed out a bunch of constellations
•Holds you close to himself so you don't get cold
•Brings you home afterwards
•cool cool

First kiss
•His kisses are sudden yet loving
•The first was after he brought you back home from a date
•He brought you close, kissing you gently
•You where blushing like mad, but he seemed perfectly calm
•Pulled away and hugged you close
•"My sweet, beautiful aurora... I love you... So much.."

When you're sad
•Stays by your side
•Does his best to cheer you up
•Gets you food and lets you rant to him
•Holds you and watches your favorite show with you
•Lmao y'all watch a danganronpa playthrough
•Jk jk

•He sits up a bit, having you lay on top of him with your back against him
•Leans his head on yours
•Murmurs complements and sweet nothings
•Occasionally will massage your shoulders
•If you fall asleep, he would as well lol

What he's like with you in public
•Honestly not much different than how he usually is
•Keeps an arm around you
•Gh I'm running out of energy
•I am very tired

•His for you: His Aurora
•Yours for him: your Star

Soulmate AU
•Whatever you write on your arm appears on your soulmates arm
•You where doodling hearts on your arm in class, Kaito was next to you but you couldn't see his arm because of his sleeve
•Out of sheer curiosity, you draw one on your hand while looking at his hand.
•You nearly faint when you see it appear on his hand
•He doesn't notice until he starts to pack up after the bell rings
•You take your chance, writing "look up" on your hand while standing in front of him
•He does, smiles widely and pulls you into a hug
•"I wouldn't want anyone else..."

When they're jealous
•Doesn't even try to hide it
•Keeps you close to him
•Probably just takes you somewhere else
•You smile and laugh at him a bit
•Says he isn't
•Kisses you a lot more often
•Actively tries to get the other person to go away

When you're hurt
•You had gotten a nasty scrape on your arm after falling on the pavement
•He cleaned the wound, doing his best not to hurt you
•He wrapped some bandages around it
•You guys snuggled on the couch for a while

His favorite thing about you
•Your voice
•He just,,, likes how it sounds

I wrote this entire thing while watching danganronpa vines lmao. It feels like it's a bit short, idk. Coming up (eventually): When you have a nightmare

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