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Yeet yeet potatao skeet my dudes

•Likes pulling you to his side so your head rests on his chest
•Likes to talk about nothing in particular while cuddling
•Pets your hair
•Sometimes jokes around and makes you laugh while cuddling
•He gets super flustered if you fall asleep but doesn't wake you up

•The way he cuddles, he seems to want to make you feel safe
•Prefers to not talk, just appricating your presence
•Doesn't mind talking while cuddling though
•Holds you close to him, rubbing your back
•Loves it when you fall asleep in his arms, because to him that means you felt safe enough to sleep
•And that makes him happy

•He usually has you firmly pressed against his chest
•Rests his head on top of yours
•Whispers sweet nothings
•You listen to his heartbeat
•He's surprisingly blushy when you guys cuddle
•Who knew big tough biker boy was actually pretty blushy :)
•If you fall asleep so does he

•Has one arm wrapped under your arm and reaching up into your hair, the other arm wrapped around your lower back
•His animals are around you two
•Sometimes he wraps his scarf around you as well
•He, being the very blushy boy he is, usually has a soft blush
•Can i just mention real quick i love how he covers his face with his scarf when he gets embarrassed. I love it-
•Is stroking your hair
•Sweet boy
•If you fall alseep he'll hold you as you sleep, greeting you when you wake up

•Is the big spoon
•Prefers to hold you from behind with his arms wrapped around your torso
•All of the whispered compliments and praises
•Plays with your hair
•Sings to you even though he believes he's trash at it
•When you fall asleep he just smiles and goes to sleep as well

•Honestly you just kinda lay on top of him, and he wraps his arms around you
•Isn't Sure If He's Doing This Right™
Very blushy
•If you fall asleep on him, he'll carefully move you onto the bed and tuck you in
•Because gentleman
•We love this boy tbh

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•Will hold you tight
•Holds you around your waist
•Smiles under that mask of his
•Tells you you're beautiful
•If you fall asleep, he will take off his mask and kiss your forehead
•You only notice when you wake up and see a goddamn lipstick mark on your forehead
•He's over there laughing when you notice
•Goddammit Kork

•The best cuddler
•Man he had twelve sisters you can't tell me at least one of them didn't run to him whenever they had a nightmare and slept in his bed for the night
•It was basically required he be a good cuddler
•Anyways, he will wrap his arms around your lower back
•Your face buries into his chest
•That sweater of his is v soft
•Holds you as close as he can, almost like he's afraid you're gonna disappear
•Pets your hair
•Can you tell i love this avocado :)

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