(A/N) Blacklist

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Characters i will not write for:
-Togami: makes me uncomfortable. i don't like him.

-Hifumi: i just don't feel confident writing for him

-TeruTeru: eugh he makes me uncomfortable. with the whole. yknow. drugging people and being overly sexual. (he drugged Hajime at the end of his last free time event)

-Kokichi: unlike the majority of the fandom i just find kokichi annoying. you can like him, go ahead. I don't. 

-Haiji Towa: Do... Do i even have to explain this one? He's a literal, actual pedophile so No❤

Topics i will not write about:
- Alcohol/Drunkenness: hi i have trauma around alcohol so ✨no✨

Comments I will likely delete:
- "Gentle" jokes: For one, it's joking about a child being sexually abused. Second of all, I'm tired of not even being able to use the word in a situation not even related to Kotoko and have ten different fucking comments about it.

- Butter jokes: They're boring, unoriginal, and at this point just annoying

- Any comments regarding Korekiyo's sister: I got so fucking many of these a day I had to go through and add a disclaimer to every Korekiyo section. Once again, that's joking about a child being sexually abused

- 11037 jokes: I'll be more lenient on this one, but god do these annoy me. They're just overused at this point.

- General hate: I'll take constructive criticism. That's allowed, that's encouraged. Not just straight up hate. Also, if I see someone being mean to another commenter, I'll delete that too.

-Any comment that is overly sexual: Things like "rail me" or calling a character daddy is fine. Just don't get descriptive and gross

-Triggering comments: Anything that is triggering for many people. The exception is comments about suicidal ideation/self harm on the SELF HARM CHAPTER ONLY.

Other general rules:
-Don't call me author-chan. First of all, I'm not Japanese, and honestly most of the people calling me that probably aren't Japanese either. Also, I'm not a girl. Nor am I a guy. Either call me by my name, Dagger, or just call me Author.

-I find people RPing unannounced in my comment section kinda weird. So. Maybe don't.

I understand some of this may seem harsh, but try to put yourself in my place here. I get hundreds of comments a day, dontcha think you'd wanna put up boundaries as well? I pride myself in keeping this a safe space for all.

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