First date

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man i am just spamming this book today

•You guys went to a park
•Played some baseball bc it's Leon what do you expect
•He was pretty chill, not really nervous or anything.
•It was decent, nothing special.

•Went out for lunch
•He seemed really nervous the entire time
•Kept stuttering
•But was happy
•You guys split the bill even though he said he should pay for it all

•This boy
•He took you on a motorcycle ride up to a hill where he sat and looked at the stars for a while, just kind of being in eachother's presence.
•It was calm and happy.
•You guys talked about life and he kept going on about how much he loved you

•He actually just took you to his house to meet all his pets.
•Grizner was fucking lit. Who knew bears where secretly just gaint dogs when they're trained.
•Although his snakes where pretty awesome as well
•Cham-P was so smug bc he knew he was the one who got you guys together
•It was a good day

•Took you out to dinner
•Kept apologizing for every little thing
•You reminded him you love him and that he's not doing anything wrong
•He insisted he paid the entire bill.
Refused to let you pay

•Had u meet a bunch of bugs
•Because it's gonta
•He talked about each species and was really smiley the enitre time
•Let you hold a bunch of butterflies
•Idk what else to write

(Please do not bring up his sister or make incest jokes. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable.)
•Took you to a history museum
•Because of course he did
•Its kork
•He went off on rants about each exhibit, talking for hours.
•You didn't mind, it was all very interesting.
•He was happy he got to talk a bunch.

•Classic coffee shop date
•He talked about his stories, you talked about books you've read.
•He held your hand on top of the table, sometimes just looking into your eyes as you talked
•"Sorry, i got lost in my thoughts while looking at you"
•romantic bean

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