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[surprise, surprise!
Azaan and Sawera couldn't part from me and requested me to drive them through a few more stations of their life.]

"Kitchen mein?" I hear Azaan finally home.

Abyan chirps about how I'm making him his favorite halwa and I slowly fall in love with Azaan even more.

"Tum apni farmaaishein apni mama ko sunaaya karo."

"Kyun? Mama ko nahin aata."

"Mama seekh lein gi."

Abyan waits for a while before replying adamantly, "Main phir bhi Sawera se hi kahoon ga,"


"Chaachi," Abyan sighs.

"Tumhaari chaachi hone se pehle woh meri biwi hain, yaad rakho."

I laugh and lower the heat of the stove to go out, but Azaan catches me midway and pushes me to the fridge.


"Sawera," He puts his arm over the fridge and looks at me intently.

I look into his eyes as he smirks, "Stop troubling Abyan."

"Huh? He's the one troubling me. What does aap kitchen mein nahin jaa sakte kyun ke Sawera wahaan hai mean? And what the fuck have you been doing in Palwasha's room for the last two nights? You've come back home after so long why are we not spending time together?"

"After what? So long? I went to my parents' for a week. That's nowhere as long as four years so-"

"-so," he kisses my cheek and trails kisses downwards, "I've missed you so much."

I gently take a hold of his head before it reaches my neck and he nibbles my jaw as I explain, "Palwash-"

We both look down after hearing Abyan's gasp and he screams running out, "Mama, come look at what chaachu's doing to Sawera!"

Azaan looks up at me with wide eyes and I push him away defensively.

Azaan runs out and I quickly open the fridge to pull out a bar of chocolate. I run behind him, "Azaan,"

He slows down to look at me and catches the chocolate when I throw it to him, "Abyan!"


"When am I going to get rid of Shahrukh Khan and his movies?" Azaan joins us as well.

Palwasha's grown a huge affection for Shahrukh Khan and I can't blame her. And Shahrukh Khan in his 30s? Ouf.

We both sit down and binge watch movies all the time.

Today we decided to show My Name Is Khan to ammi but everyone ended up joining us and it got a bit awkward in the beginning but they all liked it.

"Bhai must think the same." I nudge Palwasha and her face goes crimson red in no more than two seconds.

Azaan asks what he himself asked, since he's getting old and his memory is growing shorter, and I shake my head.

He sighs, "Palwasha-"

"-No bhai, I don't know what she's talking about I promise,"

Azaan stares at her in confusion. Everyone stares at her, including Abyan.

"Phuppo, chaachu didn't even say anything yet."

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