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—  S A W E R A  —

Sitting in your favourite car, on your favourite seat, near your favourite window, a beautiful weather, wearing your favourite clothes and your favourite perfume and eating your favourite flavour of popcorn... Goals right?

Nope. My favourite Shahrukh Khan is flirting with Mahira Khan.

I turned my iPad off.

That spoilt my mood.

I looked up to see my father clinged to his phone, talking to his clients.

I looked at the road to see spectacular views of a mountain scenery.

Wow, I wonder how far his mansion is.


The car stopped in front of an enormously huge mansion... Bigger and more fancy than ours.

We got out of the car and walked inside, guided by one of the security guards. Mr. and Mrs. Ali Khan were out in the living room, ready to greet us.

We climbed down the built in straight stairs and sat down in the conversation pit, more like a sunken living room. Right in the front was a bifurcated stairway. Their house is quite elegant and quite warm, compared to the cold outside.

They all kept talking. Urgh, they had a daughter, right? Where is she? Where is Azaan? Where is his brother? I'm getting bored already.

Moreover papa is here, and behaving like a human being is hard for me.

I saw their daughter and daughter-in-law coming down, they greeted us and hugged me. "Mere saath baitth jaao please, main bore ho rahi hoon." I whispered in the daughter's ear.

She smiled and hugged mama before sitting down next to me.

She looked at mama. "Abbhi abbhi office se aayi hoon, namaaz parrhne mein dair ho gayi thi-"

"-Nahin nahin, koyi baat nahin, balke yeh toh achhi baat hai, MashaAllah."

"Naam-waam hai yaa main tummhain 'apni' bulaa sakti hoon?" I asked.

Her smile got awkward. "Maine yeh pick-up line Twitter pe parrhi thhi, first of all yeh line achhi nahin hai, second, main straight hoon." She laughed.

"Ouch, that hurt me. Apni, kitne saal ki ho tum?" I asked.

"Palwasha naam hai mera aur larkiyon se unnh ki umar nahin poochhte."

She... Is... Weird. Weirder than her brother.

"Mazaak kar rahi hoon." She added. "17 saal ki hoon."

I awkwardly laughed. Oh my God, save me, get me out of here.

Azaan and his brother came down. Ow shit, he looks hotter in salwar kameez.

I wish I were wearing a matching salwar kameez and a dupatta and my dupatta would could get stuck in his watch.

"Eh, your brother is hot, huh?" I passed a comment to Palwasha, forgetting awkwardness.

"Wanna marry him?" She asked making me even more awkward.

God, get. Me. Out. Of. Here.

"I was just saying, he's an oldie." He looked like a firm nice guy but maybe in his early 30s.

"He's 27." She corrected me.

"I know, he's near his 30s, but that's old." I said, later regretting, maybe I shouldn't have said that.

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