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Azaan opened the door for me to get out and walked me inside a huge tower.

We walked to the lift and went to the last floor, it was just me and him in the lift for a long while till a guy entered.

I smiled as Azaan stood in front of me... Feeling jealous?

Insecure kaheen ka.

He got out and we were alone again. "Where are we?" I asked Azaan.

We reached to our floor but he didn't answer my question.

"Bro you're such a hypocrite, you don't answer my questions but get angry when I walk out in the middle of a conversation." I told him as I walked with him.

He looked at me but kept walking without answering me.

Okay then. If this is a silent date then let it be one.

He pulled a chair for me and we sat down.

I looked around to see how beautiful the place was. The walls were all dark brown acrylic mirror small square panels, there were yellow lights coming out of beautiful lamps hanging all around the ceiling and poking out of the beautiful walls.

There was a restroom on my left and a terrace on my right.

"Do you like it?" He asked.

I looked at him then took out my phone from my purse and texted my friends.

WhatsApp: Hum Awaara

Sawera: Ever heard about a blind date? Presenting you, a MUTE DATEEEEE xd.

I quickly deleted it, remembering that I was upset with Samia and Ramsha, and Neeti was upset with me. A waiter came over. "What do you want Sawera?" Azaan asked.


"Two glasses of plain water, please." He ordered. Oh he was talking about drinks?

I opened Snapchat and captured a few snaps, pouting and posing. I saw him staring at me, I looked at him and he moved his eyes on the menu card.

I'm sure he doesn't know a heck about Snapchat. Is he even familiar to the name? I was about to open my mouth but reminded myself that I'm not talking to him.

"Mind putting your phone down" He asked as I recorded a front-camera snap, I quickly double-tapped and recorded him "and talking to your husband?"

I saved the snap and bit my lip trying to hold in my chuckle. I looked in his eyes fiercely just the way he does, then moved my eyes away, mimicking him. I heard him chuckle.

The waiter came back with two glasses of water. He emptied half a glass in his stomach while I kept looking at my phone.

"Sawera, put your phone down." Just listen to his dominating voice, what does he even think of himself? He's not my boss here. "Put. Your. Phone. Down." He repeated himself, reminding me of today morning.

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