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I walked inside the mosque with the help of Ramsha, wearing a guilded crimson red opulent wedding dress accompanied with tons of jewelry and a light make up.

"Damn Ramsha I can't believe that I'm finally getting freedom, today is the day of verdict; I'm getting a bail yes or yes." I spoke lifting my bridal nose-ring.

She laughed. "Shut up Sawera."

"You don't know Ramsha, you don't know what it feels like to live in a psychotic house."

Papa and Azaan's father were talking to each other in a corner. I saw papa gazing at me, not angry but weirdly. I furrowed my eyebrows.

"I do know what living with a psychopath feels like." Ramsha told me.

I looked at her and opened my eyes wide. "YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT YOU HAD A BOYFRIEND!"

"Oh my God for God's sake stop shouting, I don't have a boyfriend," she facepalmed "I was talking about you."

"Oh okay, I thought you secretly had a boyfriend." I walked to the bench. "WAIT, DID YOU CALL ME A PSYCHO-"

"-SAWERA STOP SHOUTING!" Samia came to me and helped me in sitting.

"Okay okay." I sat down. "But she called me a psychopath."

"Ramsha please!" Samia scolded her like the good friend she is and I smiled. "It's not the time to reveal truths-"

I hit Samia and they both laughed.

"So Neeti is not coming, is she?" I asked.

"Nope." Ramsha sat next to me.

"She said she won't talk to you until Azaan fires his secretary." Samia let me know.

"Yaar but I didn't get time to talk to him." I whined.

Bhai came and Ramsha got up to let him sit next to me. "Haaye sadqe jaawan," he did that typical desi aunties' thing rolling his finger in the air, placing them on his temples and pressing them against the palm of his hands "sab tun soni vohti laggan laggi ii aen."

I giggled "Twaddi haun aali vohti tun vi?"

"Dafaa ho." He got up,

I quickly whimpered and pulled him back "This is the last time I'm talking to you as Sawera Ahmad Khan, the next time we talk I'll be Sawera Azaan Khan so value this time." I raised my chin showing attitude.

He kissed my forehead. "You'll always be my little sister, don't worry I'll insult you more."

We cackled for a while till I saw Azaan coming and sitting on the bench a few meters away in front of me. He was looking extremely hot in that black guilded sherwaani with golden buttons, not gonna lie he really gave me fanny flutters. Oof. My stomach!

"That sudden silence spoke a lot." Ramsha whispered in my ear.

Bhai laughed and asked for a high-five from her.

"Do you both want to get married?" I asked still looking at Azaan's direction, he hadn't even looked at me once.

Samia whispered "sugar-daddy" in a low voice in my ear, we both looked at them and laughed, they'd look good together.

"Astaghfirullah Samia we're in a mosque, have some sharam-hayaa." I laughed.

"What did she say?" Ramsha asked.

From the corner of my eye, I caught the groom looking at me, I turned to him and we both looked into each other's eyes for a long time.

I started getting bored and asked for something to eat but molvi sahab arrived and I got nothing.

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