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"Buy it." I told my manager.

"But sir, it costs-"

"-I don't care. Buy it, I want that building." I cut the call.

I sighed and sat on my chair.

My secretary's voice came over the intercom telling me that I had a visitor.

"Not now, too late. The deal is cancelled. Do inform them that the deal has been given to a bigger company."

I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose.

I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." I wearily sighed.

"Sir, the presentations for the $4 million property in Seattle are made, there are 4 new interns and as you asked, all of them were told to make a presentation for this one, here's the USB with all of them."

He placed a USB on my desk.

"Anything else?" I asked rubbing my temples with my index and thumb.

"No, sir." He took his leave.

I called my secretary inside and asked for a cup of black coffee.

I inserted the USB in my laptop and looked through all of them. The first one was unprofessional, the second one was horrible, the third one didn't have the right information. Tsk. I think I'll hav-

The fourth one. ... Perfect. That's what I call professionalism.

Sawera Ahmad Khan.

My secretary brought my cup of coffee.

"Send Sawera Ahmad Khan inside." I told her.

"Sure, sir."

Sawera Ahmad Khan... Where have I heard this name?

I heard a knock on the door. "Come in." Before I got a glance of the person on the door, my phone rang. I went to the side. "Have you bought the property?" I asked.

"Sir, there's a better deal-"

"-Stop using your brain and do as I fucking say. I just cancelled the best deal available, I want that property by tit or tat, understood?" I cut the call.

I turned around to see a girl with long straight hair, wearing a green kurta taking selfies from the diamond mirror art wall in front of my desk while chewing a bubble gum.

She saw me looking at her from the mirror and quickly turned around to look at me. "Sorry, sir."

"There are three files in front of you, make a presentation for each of them." I went to sit on my desk.

"Does that mean that you liked it?" She looked at me in anticipation with those bright brown eyes.

"I want your CV Ms. Ahmad Khan." I said in a calm voice.

"Okay, you mean you liked me. Look, I need a- okay nothing. You liked it. I knew you'd like it, I've been the presentation making kid since childhood, like all my friends paid me to make their school pr-"

"-I need your CV in 5 minutes and these presentations made till the afternoon." I tried to stay calm.

"Wait... No. That's not fair. It took my like an hour to make that and three files means 3 hours, I need a break." It's 11AM what is she complaining about?

"You shouldn't be here if you don't want to work, leave. I'll assign someone else for this-"

"-No what the... Why are you getting angry, I'm making it bro, you'll get it till the afternoon." She got up taking those files.

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