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- S A W E R A -

The door opens and Azaan's eyes spot me in the big room after travelling everywhere.

I watch how good he looks in that neat, impeccably crisp navy-blue suit. He follows my eyes to look down at his three piece clothing and raises them with a raise of an eyebrow. I catch his smirk as my eyes make their journey down on my hands.

"Why are you not wearing that dress?" He asks, walking to the bed. Oh, no. He's walking near the window, to me.

"I don't like it."

"You don't like Bora Bora either, do you?" He asks and I look at him.

The anxiety in me rises.

"Stop stalking me." I request, almost flooding my tongue and voice in my own saliva.

i once showed him a childhood presentation and told him that i was stupid when i was a child and i liked private jets & all these billionaire things bcause everyone used to be jealous of me but that i dont like bora bora anymore & i hate living this "luxurious" dependant life

but all he remembers is that i showed him a presentation that had Bora Bora as my dream destination. bro doesn't even remember the format of the presentation. it was in Spanish, for my Spanish class, a POWER POINT lol.

That part of a conversation with a friend is scrolled letter by letter through my mind and I realize I need to stop with these teenager acts.

"So, choose one; Vienna, Rome, The Greek Islands, Seville, The Turkish Coasts or Mauritius?" He asks.

What? Did he even understand the whole point of the conversation?

Even that didn't remind him of what I told him about these places.

"Um," I try to remember the places he named, "I don't know. Whichever you like- Seville, Spain."

I answer when I catch him looking in my eyes, just the way he did yesterday. As if I had something weird in my eyes. Something unnatural. I turn and look outside the window.


He walks to his side of the bed and stands before the sidetable, texting someone.

He looks at me and I look back at the window.

"Do you want to go out?" His voice is seductive, for no reason.

I shake my head.

I don't like him watching me.

I don't like him watching me.

I don't like him watching me.

I glance at him but he doesn't move his eyes away.

He's watching me, and I don't like it.

Two minutes pass and the bell rings.

I thank God, not knowing that worse is coming. I can now smell it.

I stand there, adamant. I get out into the balcony right as the waiter goes away.

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